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Trip to the US: In-N-Out Burger Joint

>> Monday, June 10, 2013

In-N-Out Burger joint is alike our McDonald's in Malaysia - it's available EVERYWHERE in California, Utah & Texas as well! Not knowing what kinda place it is, KW & I decided to check out their burgers to see if it's any good. The name In-N-Out sounds strange & my first assumption was "after eating, straight away come out?" :P

In-N-Out @ Gilroy Premium Outlet
We were at Gilroy PO one of the days, so that's where we had our In-N-Out burger.

The weather was lovely, we had to dine out :D

Small selection of burgers
In-N-Out doesn't have a wide variety like McDonald's, but I guess it's good enough to keep customers flooding into their outlets all the time! Less variety = quicker decision on what sort of burgers you would like to have for the day: double-double, cheeseburger, & hamburger - that's all! All beef burgers only; no chicken nor fish nor pork. Prices are quite reasonable (dollar to dollar; if I don't convert it back to RM) for the portion served, but oh, the queue was crazeeeeee....

I had to wait for quite a while for my order although the service was actually quite efficient. There were just too many people then!

Check out their kitchen crew!
There are at least 10 persons in the kitchen/counter...thumbs up!

The verdict
Simple yet tasty burger. The beef patty isn't thick, chunky & juicy, but it's juicy albeit quite thin. I like the fact that they provide quite some veggie with the burger :) Oh, the fries were quite nice too. Slightly different from the ones at McD's...texture's like "real potatoes" & not potato starch - I liked it!

The damage
Roughly USD4.70/person i.e. RM14.50/person. Dollar to dollar, it's actually quite cheap. Once converted, it's SO not worth eating already :P So don't bother converting!

Good 1st time experience having an "authentic"/American hamburger at the In-N-Out burger joint. It's nothing wow to shout out, but it's quite a satisfying meal nonetheless.

I went in hungry, I came out satisfied,


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