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Trip to the US: Chinese Take Away from Su Hong Eatery, Palo Alto

>> Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I HAVE to blog this! I often see "Chinese take-away" (must say it in a Hong-kee accent) in American sitcoms/movies like the Big Bang Theory & have always been curious to find out how Chinese food in America tastes like. Is it REALLY that nice that so many sitcoms keep mentioning that their characters just love having "Chinese take-aways"?

I'm VERY curious what's in the boxes & how "fortune cookies" in the US tastes! :D

More often than not, it's the "Kung Pao Chicken" that's mentioned in the sitcoms, so I HAD TO try that out. I kept wondering if it's just alike our "kung pou chicken", but eeek, it's SO different! What an experience! :D

I wouldn't have tried the "Chinese take-away" if not for my fabulous night calls pretty much EVERY night while I was in the US (since it's morning in Malaysia during US night). Working in the US was more tiring than working back in Malaysia as I had to attend the 8am - 5pm meeting/work & continue with night calls 'til past 12am on certain days. Ergh...

Anyway, coming back to the "Chinese take-away", I bought mine on the way back to the hotel at Su Hong Eatery. It's a Chinese restaurant in Palo Alto, run by a family where the husband is from "Su Chow" (City of Su), while the wife is from "Hong Chow" (City of Hong) in mainland China, near Shanghai.

The take-aways certainly came in the boxes as expected, which got me really excited to see what's inside upon arriving at my hotel room. So the "set" came in 2 boxes + the fortune cookie + a small container of peanuts. Classic!

"Kung Pao Chicken" Set (USD10.82 - inclusive rice & tax)

My "Kung Pao Chicken" with rice! Don't be fooled by the small box. It was packed tightly/stuffed with chicken & rice that I couldn't finish up 1 portion myself in 1 meal! I had to eat left-overs the next day for lunch cos I just couldn't finish it for dinner the night before....not that it's not nice (it was actually very tasty!), but it was too much for me. The chicken pieces were tender & juicy. It's totally NOT the Malaysian-style of kung pou chicken, where we have it cooked it dark sauce, dried chillis & cashew nuts. This one was chicken pieces + garlic + chilli flakes + spring onions! SO different! Not spicy at all! I don't really like eating spring onion "stalks" (the light green/white part of the spring onions, but this one tasted SO good!!). The rice was also really fragrant & chewy - I loved it! It was a really satisfying meal....blogging about this now makes me miss the American-version's "Kung Pao Chicken" :( 

After a satisfying meal, it's time for some fortune cookie...
So what did mine say: "You never hesitate to tackle the most difficult problems"....hmm, sounds true! Hahahahaha.... yums! Highly satisfying/gratifying meal! :D

So now I know how Chinese take-aways are like....heehee....I'm craving for such meals in Malaysia! Where can I get such standard of food? Our dai-chows are REALLY good compared to this Chinese take-away, but the novelty of having it in a box with a fortune cookie to end the meal feels SO much more fun! :D

Su Hong Eatery & Chinese Restaurant
4256 El Camoni Real
Palo Alto
California 94306
United States of America.
Reservation: (+1) 650 493 3836
Takeout/Delivery: (+1) 650 493 4664
Email: Click here
URL: Su Hong Eatery

Presentation: * * * *
Price: * * *
Environment: N/A
Taste: * * * 1/2
Service: * * * 1/2


I miss American-style's Chinese take-away,


Ken June 11, 2013 at 11:05 PM  

wow, really interesting to see such thing in Malaysia, thanks for sharing :)

PerutBesi June 11, 2013 at 11:34 PM  

@Ken: You can't find Su Hong Eatery in Malaysia...only in California, US :)

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