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Happy Dumpling Festival 2013!

>> Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's the time of the year where all the aunties gather to wrap meat dumplings! "Bak Chang" (Hokkien for "meat dumplings") these days aren't that cheap anymore. I think the cheapest would be RM3.50 for a basic dumpling, whereas a sufficiently ingredient-packed dumpling with salted egg yolk, pork belly, black mushroom, chestnut, beans, & dried shrimp would cost approximately RM5.50/dumpling.

As of every year, my family gathered for the festival to 'celebrate' the abundance of food! :D Some of the dishes were my grandpa's specialty...for us to replicate it now, it just doesn't look & taste like how it used to be when it's cooked by him...oh well, we'll keep attempting & perfecting! :)

This year's dishes
We had at least 12-15 dishes tonight! Wow...abundance indeed! Thank God for His blessings! We had "bak chang" for sure - 4 types (2 of it aren't in this picture) + pork, chicken, duck, fish, veggie & tofu as well. NYAM! :D

Front: Nyonya dumpling - less dark soya sauce used in the glutinous rice & the inside is actually slightly sweet & spiced meat
Back: Normal meat dumpling - comes in dark brown color due to the dark soya sauce used in the glutinous rice. The dumpling has all sorts of goodies in it: pork belly, chestnut, mushroom, beans, salted egg yolk, & dried shrimp...

Dinner time! Dig in! 

My dinner....
Yums! It's a buffet of home-cooked food...a little bit of everything & I was filled & satisfied :) 

I am blessed to have such good food all the time! How did your Dumpling Festival go? As Malaysians, all festivals will be accompanied with good food....I am proud to be a Malaysian :P

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Yum yum,


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