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Review: Baked Bounty & Gohan Galore

>> Friday, April 12, 2013

Overall comment: Lovely variety of burgers, wraps, & sandwiches for those who just want something simple & healthier. The gohan galore was quite overwhelming as everything's rice! I'm not a great fan of rice, but I must say that the variety is very commendable & the taste of each dish is also interesting.
Halal: Yes

The Baked Bounty promotion is back this April! It's one of the best selling promotions for the Utara Coffee House @ Armada Hotel in the past years & this year, executive chef Chew Teik Chye & his team of culinary experts takes the Baked Bounty promotion to a whole new level by introducing 6 new sandwiches, burgers, & wraps.

When I first received the invitation to review their new baked goodies, I thought to myself, "Another burger review??! Armada is joining the burger craze as well??" I had to try it out for myself to see what the chefs have been working on to bring Utara Coffee House to the next level of satisfying their customers' every palette.

The review didn't just cover the Baked Bounty promotion, but also 3 other promotions (I WAS STUFFED!!) as well i.e. "Gohan Galore", Cake of the Month (April), & also some new ice-blended fruity drinks!

The items on promotion this April 

Freshly-baked bread & rolls

Chicken Champignon (Mushroom) Burger (RM18.00++/order)
Sauteed fresh mushrooms pan-fried with cream sauce, thick chicken patty, fresh salad, tomatoes, & more mushrooms + fries!
This was my favorite!! The fresh mushrooms were fragrant & the cream sauce helped kept the burger "moist". The chicken patty was also juicy :) The only thing that I didn't fancy were the cucumbers. It made the burger taste like a sandwich, so Chef Chew, no cucumbers in this burger! Put it into the sandwiches instead of the burgers!

Caribbean Grilled Chicken Burger (RM16.00++/order)
Tropical favourites i.e. mangoes, capsicums, carrots & cucumbers on a thick chicken patty in a sultanas & dried fruits bun!
Another one of my favorites. I think I fancy the chicken burgers here more than the beef burgers. If you're adventurous & like something different in your burgers, this burger offers you a symphony of flavors from the capsicums to the mangoes & even the fruity-nutty bun! Yummilicious!

American Beef Sandwich (RM18.00++/order)
 Extra-thick beef patty, crunchy beef strips, Cheddar cheese, greens, & fries
This is like a burger with flat bread slices. A hearty-meaty meal. The only thing that I didn't really like was the ground beef patty. I found it grounded too fine for my liking.

 Texas Beef Burger (RM18.00++/order)
Generous topping of melted Cheddar cheese, rocket lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sliced onions, sunny-side-up egg, massive-sized succulent beef patty, sanwiched in a freshly baked Brioche bun. Served with fries.
This is a burger for egg-lovers who are really hungry. Check out the height! I had to split 'em up & eat "component by component" (I'm such an IT person here, eh? lol). Good stuff! But I still prefer not-so-grounded beef :D

 Mexican Tuna Wrap (RM18.00++/order)
Chunks of tuna,creamy tuna mayo,  jalapenos, & green salad in a tortilla wrap. Served with tortilla chips, tangy salsa, & creamy Guacamole
I enjoyed the wraps very much. The tortilla wrap was soft & "silky-moist", & eating it from the bottom up was kinda a good idea (I did this cos it was just too difficult to start from the top...hahaha). Armada could somehow put some sauce like mayo/provide some sauce separately with this order as the tuna that's "exposed" felt rather dry. I could do with more jalapenos!

Cajun Shrimp Wrap (RM17.00++/order)
Fresh shrimps marinated in paprika & pan-fried to perfection, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, & onions, wrapped in tortilla
Interesting. I've never really had prawns in tortilla wraps. It doesn't feel as "chunky" & there's not much "bite" or meat to chew on, but the freshness of the prawns makes 'em crisp to bite on. Nice flavors.

Mini servings of the burgers/sandwiches/wraps
Clockwise from top: American Beef Sandwich, Mexican Tuna Wrap, & Chicken Champignon Burger 

Mini servings of the burgers/sandwiches/wraps
Clockwise from top: Cajun Shrimp Wrap, Texas Beef Burger, & Caribbean Grilled Chicken Burger

I WAS STUFFED already....but there was more food served *faints*

Gohan Galore
"Gohan" means rice in Japanese. It is the staple for most Asians & the Japanese eat rice pretty much in every meal of the day. Rice plays a huge part of the Japanese culture, so Shokudo @ Armada Hotel would like to invite all rice-lovers to enjoy 4 of their Japanese-inspired rice dishes during the month of April & experience a truly-Japanese culture!

Omu Raisu (RM18.00++/order)
Omelette filled with fried rice
This looks alike the Pattaya Fried Rice, but with a Japanese twist. The tomato-based rice had a very seafood-ish taste because there's "bonito" (fish flakes) in it. It felt like there's cuttlefish-taste in the rice...hahaha...Quite interesting, but not for those who do not fancy a fishy taste.

Onigiri (RM12.00++/order)
Rice balls with fillings - mentaiko, bonito, & salmon
I'll rarely order rice balls since I'm not a "fann thong" (Cantonese for "rice bucket" - someone who LOVES rice & MUST have rice everyday/every other day). I often see Japanese kids bringing such items to school for their lunch break, but I've never acquired the taste for it. These 'Japanese comfort food' comes in selections of "Mentaiko" (cod roe), "Bonito" (fish flakes), & "Sake" (salmon).

 Yaki Onigiri (RM12.00++/order)
Grilled rice balls with fillings
If you love scrapping the claypot for crispy rice in a claypot chicken rice meal, you'll love this very much. I'm not a fan of "crispy/burnt rice" so I didn't really fancy this. The Yaki Onigiri's rice is marinated with Sake, Mirin Sauce, Soy Sauce, and a whole load of Bonito before it is formed & toasted to perfection. 

Gyu Don (RM18.00++/order)
Donburi topped with seasoned beef, onions, & pickles
A common Japanese fast-food, the donburi is served with egg, vegetables, & meat of any kind in an over-sized bowl. This gyu-don is very flavorful as it is stir-fried with the sweet yellow onions & seasoned with the well-loved Japanese sauces to give it a delightful savory & slightly sweet taste. I prefer this dish over the rest of the Gohan Galore's dishes, but I still love the gyu-don at Koi Zen in Kuantan. The best & so far, nothing could beat it!

Mini portions of "Gohan Galore"
Clockwise from top: Omu Raisu, Yaki Onigiri, Onigiri, & Gyu Don.

Cake of the month - April
Apart from the abundance of variety & food portions that are available for the month of April, every diner with a sweet tooth must not miss out Armada's cake of the month!

Raspberry White Chocolate Cake (RM28.00++/800g cake or RM7.50++/slice)
A cup of latte or cappuccino + a slice/piece of pastry from pastry counter (RM15.00++/order)
Rich & creamy white chocolate topping a sweet white cake with raspberry cream in the center. I don't really fancy sweet stuff, so I found this too sweet for my liking, but the 1/2 a cake that I brought back for my youths were "whacked-up" in less than 5 minutes! "It's so gooooodddd!!" (that's what they mumbled with their mouths stuffed with sweet cake...)

Not just cake, but mini churros with chocolate sauce as well! *faints*
I think my blood sugar level just shot off the meter...the churros were SO light, fluffy, & goes VERY well with the semi-sweet dark chocolate sauce....*noms!!*

Last, but not least....

Refreshing Kiwi Chiller (RM8.00++/glass)
Slightly sweet at first, but when it melts a little, it's not too sweet & it was indeed refreshing! Good choice, PerutBesi :D

Refreshing Chillers come in 4 other flavors

Don't miss out April's promotion!

For reservation and inquiries, please contact:
Utara Coffee House
Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya
Lot 6, Lorong Utara C, Section 52
46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel: (+603) 7954 6888, ext 4557
FB: http://www.facebook.com/HotelArmadaPJ
URL: http://www.armada.com.my/

Presentation: * * * *
Price: * * *
Environment: * * * 1/2
Taste: * * *
Service: * * * 1/2


Stuffed with burgers, sandwiches, & wraps,


Henry Lee April 13, 2013 at 2:21 AM  

those burgers looked tempting... i bet my gf would love to have a bite of that chicken mushroom burger

PerutBesi April 14, 2013 at 12:20 AM  

@HenRy LeE: Henry, I think the mushroom one is worth trying! The chicken ones are better than the beef ones, I feel...

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