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Well-Liked, Famous Cendol in Kuantan

>> Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Halal: Yes

One of the most popular cendol places in Kuantan is this small shop at Air Putih. It's located opposite Nirvana wholesale/hypermarket, right after the traffic lights on Jalan Beserah/Jalan Air Putih. I reckon most locals will know this place since it's been here for a while. This little shop used to be a small road-side stall, but as the business grew, the family decided to move to a small shoplot. I doubt you'll miss it since the shop is painted bright yellow!

Normal cendol (RM1.50/bowl)

What's so good about the cendol here, you may wonder. As I'm not a cendol connoisseur, I can just say that (my personal opinion):
1. The shaved ice is quite fine (thus it actually melts faster) compared to many other places where the shaved ice is rough, 
2. The 'thickness" of coconut milk + gula Melaka (brown sugar) are just nice. Some places do not use much coconut milk (diluted) nor gula Melaka, so it's not so fragrant.
3. The texture of the cendol strips are not overly soft, yet not under-cooked & floury. In addition, it doesn't have too strong taste of alkaline water (Cantonese call it "kan sui").

It's certainly a good dessert on a hot day :)

They also serve ice kacang & other "tea-time snacks" & their business is very brisk during tea time i.e. 3-4p.m!

Each time I'm back in Kuantan, if it's very hot, I will crave for either the simple cendol or the humble cincau ice from the market! Hahaha...if I'm in PJ, I think I will crave for my "more pocket-friendly" brown sugar ice kacang from PJ Old Town's Medan Selera or the high class Snowflake! :D

What do you crave for on a hot day? :)

Keeping cool with icy-cool desserts,


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