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Roti Telur, Tom Yam Noodles, & Curry Mee in Kuantan

>> Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Halal: No

If you're not a local, you'll probably not know this area nor bother coming here 'cause there's no shopping malls nor anything interesting in the vicinity of Air Putih-Semambu.

This part of Air Putih (nearer to Semambu side instead of town side) is pretty much a housing + industrial area, & this particular coffeeshop that I'm writing about is surrounded by car workshops. The name of the coffeeshop is too interesting that you'll never miss it: She & He Seafood Restaurant! *rofl* SOOOOO weird........

So, what's good/decent here? The highlight of this place is probably the "Roti Telur". It's soft, fluffy, steamed buns with "fried/toasted" eggs in between that is served with the humble kaya. Sounds very "traditional", eh? It's nothing to really shout about, but such food brings one back into the era where 'old uncles sit in coffeeshops to chit-chat over a cup of coffee/tea + steamed/toasted bread'. Absolutely nostalgic! I think the guys brought me here more for the bun than for the noodles...

The other food items that are decent here (very subjective as I didn't find it very "umph", but the guys found is "good enough to give a nod of agreement") as the tom yam noodles & the curry noodles. The curry noodles do not come in thick coconut-milk soup + chicken, but it is slightly more "soupish"/watery & it is served with an fish paste, minced pork, prawns, & "taufupok". Sounds rather weird? It's just like ordering a bowl of seafood noodles, but with curry soup....hahaha...

The tom yam noodles come with the same ingredients minus the "taufupok". I didn't find it desirable as it was too "bland" & nothing near a good tom yam like how I would love it. It's actually more salty than sourish, making it feel like some "authentic seafood soup" (sea water style...just not as superbly salty as sea water!) that is just salty, sourish & spicy...hahaha...I feel that I could cook a WAY BETTER bowl of tom yam noodles! The absence of lemongrass, kaffir-lime leaves, onions, & assam peel makes a world of difference!! I could SO "taste Kuantan" in that bowl of tom yam! :P

The humble stall 

If you're around the area, I guess it's not entirely bad a place to get some decent bowl of noodles & buns. Perhaps the clear soup seafood noodles/fish paste noodles/pork noodles would be a better option...I've yet to find out :) But if it's the main area of Air Putih, nearer to Air Putih school, I think you'll get a better bowl of noodles out there. This place is probably a better place just for the buns! :D

She & He Seafood Restaurant

Lorong Seri Setali 112
Taman Peninsular
25300 Kuantan
Pahang Darul Makmur

GPS: N03 50.626' E103 20.219

Nostalgic buns,


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