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Happy Chinese New Year 2013!

>> Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Chinese New Year is here!! Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!!

I just celebrated CNY Eve with my family...once again, there's LOADS of food! We had 10 dishes (inclusive of the pig's stomach soup) this year & oh boy, I was really stuffed! CNY is our Chinese way of having a food festival! Hahahaha....more food to come this festive season *burp* (reminds self to not over-eat)

The star during CNY - "Yee Sang"!

Roast Chicken (Bought by Aunty Irene)

Roast Chicken with Hong Kong Spices (Home-Cooked by Aunty Mary)

Sambal Prawns (Home-Cooked by Aunty CT) 

Braised "Zha Yoke/Pork" (Home-Cooked by my mum!) 

Stir-Fried Vegetables (Home-Cooked by Aunty Anne) 

Stir-Fried Sour Cucumbers (Home-Cooked by Aunty Anne) 

Stir-Fried "Nga Ku" with "Siew Yoke" (Home-Cooked by Aunty Anne?)

Braise Chicken Feet with Black Mushrooms (Home-Cooked by my mum!) 

The load of food...soup is MIA (Home-Cooked by my dad!) 

Everyone busy preparing & taking photos :D 

Lou Hei!!
Greater success, better health, much wealth, all dreams come true!! :D

The Ruthless Eater @ PerutBesi would like to wish all readers a Happy Chinese New Year & a safe journey for those who will be traveling! Have a prosperous new year!! :D



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