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Chinese New Year 2013 - Day 4 - 6

>> Saturday, February 16, 2013

Being in Kuantan for Chinese New Year is such a different atmosphere compared to being in PJ. For one, the festive mood is definitely more evident in this smaller town compared to a large city like Petaling Jaya. Especially so at the area where I live, where it is Malay-populated, CNY is VERY quiet 'til I can hear the sound of crickets each night!

Here, in Kuantan, the sound of firecrackers, fireworks, & lion dance is certainly part of the town! :) I miss such atmosphere....PJ used to have such festive-mood during my childhood days, but it seems like the concrete jungle has overtaken the "live" of the city. The only thing that is different this CNY in Kuantan is the weather; it has been raining since CNY Day 1!! *brrrrrr* SO COLD!!

My CNY in Kuantan has been about family, friends, food & fun. So surreal...will such atmosphere last forever? I sure hope so! It feels "too good to be true" ;)

Day 4: One of the rare days where I could see sunlight in Kuantan!
It has been raining since the beginning of CNY :( I haven't experienced such a wet CNY 'til I'm in Kuantan this year. The evenings of Day 4 & Day 5 were the only days where I saw some sunlight! Bah...I miss pretty skies! It's all grey & gloomy...

Day 4: The 1st Lion Dance that I saw for CNY 2013!
We were at Aaron's uncle's house for dinner & he invited the lion dancers over as of every year.

Day 4: How interesting....
I didn't know they will peel mandarin oranges & form them into words & numbers! Hmm...

Day 4: My 1st sight of firecrackers for year 2013...
Hahaha...I sound like a really sad kid, eh? :P

Day 4: Uncle's Birthday + CNY Dinner
Fuh! We had loads of food + a HUGE roast pig! I thought it's a wedding-only dish, but hey, this birthday party is surely lavish! Yum yum *crunch crunch*

Day 4: My 1st sight of fireworks for year 2013 - up-close!
I've never seen how fireworks look like before they go up into the sky...rupa-rupanya, it comes in a large box! I thought it comes in sticks! *sigh* I feel like a real noob....total city kid! Bah. What a lovely sight...*loves*

Day 5: Dinner at family friend's house
Yes, more food...more laughter, cheer, & catching-up :) *joy*

Day 5: Tried some Sheridan's...
Too sweet for my liking...haha...but crappers...although the alcohol content isn't much, my whole body went into flames & my whole face was as red as my t-shirt =.=" Ish...quite an embarrassment...

Day 6: More food...at home!
Dinner Day 5 was at Aaron's house, where all his dad's siblings were invited for a feast & catch-up. It was much fun & the whole house was SO filled with laughter, noise, & people!! *loves* Very 'yit lau' :)

Day 7: My love, my Kuantan-family...
I am proud to say that I am really blessed to have found several families in Kuantan to call my own. I've known this family since my uni days & I am VERY thankful to God for these few women/girls in my life. They play a big part of my life in Kuantan!

I'll be heading back to PJ tomorrow & the daily grind will begin officially on Monday (although I've started work on CNY Day 2 =.="). Time really flies. I thank God for opportunities to bless & be blessed during this CNY. It has been quite a good start of the year 2013 :) I look forward to being back in PJ somehow....I want to hear holiday-stories from my parents who are finally back safely from their CNY holiday to Thailand! :D

Still in holiday mood,


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