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Chinese New Year 2013 - Day 2

>> Monday, February 11, 2013

As of every Chinese New Year, the family will gather for the traditional "hoi nin" (open year) lunch. Every year, we look forward to the same few dishes that we can only savour during this time of the year. This year, we have less family members with us as my parents are away for a holiday, some cousins are not back from overseas, while my aunt+uncle+cousin's wife have their own plans/ain't in the country as well.

The highlight for this year's CNY day 2 is no doubt the "money bag" by aunty CT! It's one large bag/pouch, no doubt! :D (everyone chant) "Money come, money come..." It was a satisfying edible-bag!

Treasures revealed...
Chicken, black mushrooms, prawns, "tong fun", & water chestnuts cooked with salt, pepper, oyster sauce, & wrapped in a popiah skin, tied with a semi-boiled "gao choy", & pan-fried to perfection! Fuh!

The feast!

The family...

With the load of good food, how can anyone not gain weight??!

The day didn't just end with a good lunch. In fact our so-called simple dinner with just seven of us from the family gathering at the family house, turned into yet another feast!


Chicken with ginger dip, stir-fried leek with roasted pork & vegetarian dish (plus the soup that I didn't record on photo!!)...

The PerutBesi is SO blessed...how did your CNY Day 2 go? With loads of food as well?? Haha...



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