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Magnum Exclusive Preview Party

>> Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I was really delighted to be invited to the Magnum Ice Cream's Exclusive Preview Party last Wednesday night. It's my 1st time at such an event & it was one of the most "girly-pampering" events that I have ever been to as well! In actual fact, it was a good treat after getting stuck in the horrible mid-week KL traffic for almost 2 hours! I could have arrived at Ipoh already....*sweat* The party was held at the Renoma Cafe Gallery, a relatively new cafe on Jalan Bukit Bintang.

Specially prepared at the party...
Chocolate & Strawberry Magnum ice-cream with fresh strawberries & Chocolate Brownies Magnum ice-cream with creme brule :)

There were several booths/stations where every girl (and guy) could just have loads of fun! Not to forget, there's also free-flow of Magnum ice-cream at the party itself! Only upon arrival that we found out it was a sneak preview to Magnum's 2 new ice-cream flavours i.e. the Chocolate & Strawberry + Chocolate Brownie!! These 2 flavors will only be available in the market at the end of this month - aaahhhh, truly privileged! :D

Booth #1 - Personalizing your own door gift with white chocolate!
It's my 1st time piping white chocolate onto a block of dark chocolate...haha...FUN!

My end product...not bad for a 1st-timer ;)

Booth #2 - Photobooth
Pick any props & snap away! Unlimited shots...hahahaha...

Booth #3 - Cupcake Decorating
Just Heavenly prepared some really lovely cupcakes for us to decorate! Ah, how fun - thanks, Nigel, thanks, Magnum! :D

Booth #4 - Dessert Bar
You can create your own dessert at this booth :) We didn't come by this booth as we were too busy with other booths...hahaha...

Booth #5 - Manicure!!
Woohoo! How lovely :D We could get a free, pampering session of manicure by professional manicurists from a mani-pedi shop at Solaris Mont Kiara. Oh, the ice-creams taste yummy too! I love both flavors although I prefer the oh-so-chocolatey Chocolate Brownie to the Chocolate & Strawberry (cos I don't really fancy strawberry ice-cream!). But the Chocolate Brownie ice-cream has nuts on the Belgian Chocolate shell...bah...I don't really fancy nuts! Hahahaha...

Finger food platter
Food wasn't too bad...we were so hungry that everything tastes nice...

 Xandra Ooi was the emcee for the party...

And I walked out of the party still VERY happy...
What a LOVELY goody bag!! A personalized goody bag with a "hugable" Magnum ice-cream (beanie pillow!! I SUPER LIKE!) & a "leather-looking" Magnum notebook! Woohoo!! Thank you, Magnum! Thanks, Li-Yein for the personal invitation!! *hugs* 

A very happy Magnum-lover,


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