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365 Days with People - Year 2012

>> Monday, December 31, 2012

Much has happened this year that I could not even recall EVERY single detail 'til I browse back on the photos that I have taken. Photos are like my "external brain"; if not for such memories captured on film/disk, I would struggle even more to recall all the lovely events that took place in the year 2012.

To summarize, this year has been one that's filled with time spent with people. It's probably a "wish come true" as I kinda recall wanting this year to be a year for people :) I attended more weddings than funerals this year, as well as went out for trips with friends & family, plus I spent quite a bit of time baking as well! Ah, lovely :) Reminds me of year 2011, where I spent quite a bit of time with people as well as self. This year, time for self has been minimized as I was either caught up with work or with events. It's all good nonetheless.

Next year, I wanna focus more on realigning my spiritual life & digging deeper into the roots of God. Lord, please give me the discipline to do so!

Highlights of Year 2012: Weddings

Highlights of Year 2012: Trips

p/s: Not to forget the trip to Raub with the youths! That's like an unforgettable moment...

How has your year 2012 been? I could say mine was meaningful & fruitful. How about you?

I certainly look forward to the coming year 2013 - with greater hopes, assurance, & peace as I walk into a new year, knowing that God is in control :)

Time flies,


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