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Square Dotz Cafe, SS2 PJ

>> Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Overall comment: Simple & cosy cafe with a substantial variety of food, but the prices are quite steep for the portion & taste of dish served. Service was very slow when I was there 'cause they forgot my order...sigh. I hope it's a one-off thing only.
Halal: Pork-free only. No halal certification obtained since this cafe serves beer.

One of the latest eateries in SS2 PJ is Square Dotz Cafe on SS2/66. I happen to stumble upon this place early this month when I went for a haircut in SS2. Since I had to grab dinner before I head over to church, I decided to just try out this place, which is across the road from my hair salon.

The cafe is homey & cosy as it was a house converted into a cafe. The menu is also very simple, with just 1 A4 sheet as the menu. They offer breakfast from 8:00a.m. - 10:30a.m. with prices starting from RM5.50/serving for cereals to RM9.80/serving for Chicken Cheese Quesadilla. Their mains are available from 11:00a.m. onwards with prices starting from RM9.80/serving for pies to RM19.90/serving for baked fish. Apart from the "heavy food", the cafe offers desserts & snacks as well to complete your meal :)

Square Dotz's Menu
Substantial items on the menu, but hey, there are typos!

Setting & Ambiance of the Cafe
Very simple & some parts still look very much like you're in a house. There's a slight feeling that I'm actually dining in someone's house where I don't even know the owner! Kinda weird...haha...thanks to the youths who were chilling out at the couch doing their homework...etc. I reckon they're the owner's children/family members. 

Waiting for the food to arrive...
This is what free-time/boredom can do to yours truly... 

I waited....and waited....

They actually forgot my order although I was the only one in the cafe =.=" (there were 3-4 more orders by people seated outside, but their food were served & I was still waiting...). I couldn't believe it but I didn't turn into a "Godzilla" & over-turned the table in fury...hahaha...I just tried to keep my cool & stayed calm...

Oven-Baked Chicken (RM15.80/serving)
Oven-baked chicken with fresh mushrooms, mashed potatoes, beans & carrots

The 1st impression that I have is that "it doesn't look very appetizing". Colour combination isn't very attractive & "colours/presentation" is something that I'm quite focused when it comes to presentation of food. The look-and-feel of a dish does affect a person's appetite, I'm very sure! 

Taste-wise, it was quite homey. I wish there was more "punch" to the gravy on the chicken. It's a very basic onion-chicken-sauce over a mildly roasted chicken thigh. There's a great deal of room for improvement for the oven-baked chicken as I feel that the chicken skin could be slightly more crispy & "roasted". Oh yes, the chicken is 100% frozen-chicken as the meat wasn't springy & "fresh from the market". 

The mushrooms were quite disappointing as well. There were just 2 tiny mushrooms! :( Not nicely sauteed some more...sobs. The mash was alright - it's not really smooth like a pre-packed nor was it chunky like a 100% home-made mashed potatoes. I could still accept it although it's not "wow" nor "I-want-more". Beans & carrots were fine - can't really go wrong. It's properly cooked. 

I'm such a critique. Bummer. But I seriously feel that this place could improve a great deal on their food's taste, presentation & service for the price they're charging per dish. To survive in the very competitive area like SS2, they better start improving fast to get a steady flow of customers, else they'll have to consider moving out of SS2...

Square Dotz Cafe
1, Jalan SS2/66
47300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
FB: Square Dotz Cafe
Note: Opposite Kimarie Hair Salon/Digi Service Centre

Presentation: * *
Price: * *
Environment: * * *
Taste: * *
Service: * *


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