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Brunch at Hotel Seri Petaling

>> Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mum had RM80.00 worth of cash vouchers for a meal at Hotel Sri Petaling. It's our first time there & I seriously didn't have high expectations on a 3-star hotel's restaurant. It's not some famous hotel down town, rather it's a humble hotel tucked amidst some residential/commercial square.

The hotel is quite small, with just 1 coffee house/restaurant to serve its customers. When we arrived there, the place was actually empty. It's probably expected cos it was around 11am & breakfast period would have been over. Moreover, there are loads of coffeeshops & restaurants around the hotel area that serves pretty good variety of local food as well. Hmm...challenging for this hotel's restaurant to really stand out among the good local restaurants.

Their menu was rather simple, clean, & straight-forward. All the prices were stated clearly as well, but it just lacks information on how many pieces are served per serving. Perhaps this is something for Hotel Sri Petaling to consider; equipping their menu with adequate information for their customers.

Fruit Juice (and the cheeky sister - not for sale!)
The fruit juices are quite standard. At least it's not watered down :)

While waiting for our food...
Yes, we were quite bored, so the camera was our sole entertainment...not too bad for a compact camera :) 

Spaghetti Marinara
It's certainly not the best, but at least it's edible. The seafood were alright...not very fresh, yet not bad as well. 

Nasi Lemak
Lacking in the coconut milk flavour in the rice, but overall, it's not too bad for a hotel's coffee house. 

You'll have to eat it while it's hot/warm, else the skin will be rubbery! 

Deep-Fried Chicken Wings
These were the best :) Nicely marinated (though there's still room for improvement) & crispy too! Yums :) 

Dessert: Ice cream
Since we had RM80.00 to spend, we concluded our meal with some ice-cream. Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience, albeit the slower service & the slight hiccups here & there. 

Yup, all the above inclusive of taxes amounted to RM78+. We still had RM2 to spare from our vouchers, but oh well, it's tips for the restaurant! :D

Yours truly,


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