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Review: Chili Chat with La Costena

>> Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spice Up Your Life!

I was at the Chili Chat event by La Costena at Frontera Sol of Mexico last night. It was quite interesting to learn about the different types of chilies that Mexico has been proud of & that appears in every other Mexican or Tex-Mex dishes.

The event was organized by a group of students from IACT, who identified themselves as Gusto PR. We had a representative from La Costena, the Mexican company that manufactures & supplies a variety of canned products, to "educate" us on chillies in Mexico (and other popular Mexican products as well)! It really felt like a lecture class of sort...haha...and oh, the representative's name is Jesus Luz! *giggles* TA exclaimed with excitement when she saw the press kit, "I've seen Jesus!" :P

So what did I manage to learn from the Chili Chat, you may wonder...

La Costena operates out of Mexico as well...

Habenero is one of the spiciest chillies & Jalapeno is only half the spiciness of the Habenero

How to make Deep-Fried Stuffed-Jalapeno

This is another important Mexican dip...

I also learned that it takes 10 pounds of Jalapeno to make 1 pound of Chipotle (a.k.a. "cili kering"/dried chillies)! Oh, oh, there's also a type of Mexican chilli called "Chilaca" (pronounced as "cilaka", which is a really rude word in Malay/Chinese!) *rofl*

Menu for the night

Taquitos de Pollo - sample
"Please take 1 only, thank you...."

Tortilla Chips with La Costena's Mild-Spicy Salsa Dip

Tortilla Chips with La Costena's Spicy Salsa Dip
The spicy dip has a good "kick"/"umph". The mild-spicy dip feels like just non-spicy salsa dip...haha.

Stuffed Jalapeno - sample

Our food basket! *yums*
L-R: Stuffed Jalapeno, Croquetas de Pollo, Taquitos de Pollo

Inside the Taquitos de Pollo
Shredded chicken, jalapeno, Mozzarella cheese & I've no idea what else :P

Sneak peak into the stuffed Jalapeno
"Memang macam makan cili hijau jeruk"! The Jalapeno is slightly spicy & sour, & it's stuffed with Mozzarella cheese...quite nice...

Pull it!

Beef Tacos
For once, it's not something fried *phew* It was a good change. However, I wished the beef was more tender & melts-in-your-mouth! *dreams*

I didn't get to try the Chipotle Chocolate Brownies!! *sobs* I was eating too slow & there was no more left for me to try....wuwuwuwuwu....

Bloggers & friends

If you're wondering where you can get hold of La Costena's products, pop-by Frontera at Jaya One. There's quite a substantial variety sold at Frontera itself. I think you can get the products at Cold Storage as well.

Habanero Sauce! *spiceeeh*

Food for Friends! *woohoo*
What an interesting packet of chips!

Door Gifts
All invitees were given a door gift & a press kit. I've yet to try out the tortilla chips with the spicy salsa sauce! :D *rubs hands with glee*



Kris Jeung October 21, 2012 at 10:59 AM  

now i feel like eating Mexican food~

Kris Jeung October 21, 2012 at 11:00 AM  

Now, i must EAT Tortillas~~ Enchiladas~

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