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Lipton's “I’m a Malaysian, Teh Tarik is MY National Drink” Campaign

>> Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1. Are you a Malaysian? (residing/not residing in Malaysia)
2. If you're not a Malaysian, are you currently living in Malaysia?
3. Do you enjoy mamak session with teh tarik?

If you're answering "yes" to the questions above, Lipton would like to invite you to pledge your support & claim that Teh Tarik is indeed Malaysia's National Drink! The “I’m a Malaysian, Teh Tarik is MY National Drink” campaign is organized in honour of Malaysia's 55th birthday. This campaign is already on since 31st August 2012 & will end by Malaysia Day i.e. 16th September 2012.

Lipton is looking forward to receive 55,000 pledges from Malaysians (and I'm sure Malaysian PRs/non-Malaysians residing in Malaysia as well) from this campaign. As part of the campaign, Lipton will be rewarding our people with 200,000 sachets of 3-in-1 Lipton Teh Tarik when they have secured 55,000 pledges from Malaysian nationwide! This gesture is Lipton's way of extending their gratitude to their pledges. The sachets of  3-in-1 Lipton Teh Tarik will be distributed at 13 key distribution points across the 13 Malaysian states, which will be announced at the end of September.

I've tried Lipton's teh tarik early this year & I've grown to love every sip of it...I'm looking forward to receiving the reward from pledging end of this month! :D

Are you excited to pledge your support? Pop-by Lipton's Facebook fan page to show your support & await the good news for the free sachet of 3-in-1 Lipton Teh Tarik!

Jom teh tarik lah,


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