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Ikuzo Ramen, SS2

>> Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Overall comment: Pretty generous bowl of ramen that's pocket-friendly (no tax!). The taste is pretty good too. Oh, NO MSG as well! Erm...and have I not mentioned there's free wifi? :D
Halal: No

This ramen restaurant has probably been here for "too long" before I bothered to pop-by & check out what they offer. If I'm not mistaken, Ikuzo joined the food business at SS2 early this year. After reading some random reviews, I thought it can't be too bad to have a simple dinner here. If general reviews of a place is really bad, I usually won't go just to contribute to the load of bad reviews. Hahaha. I need to protect my appetite & my pocket as well :)

For less than RM10.00, you can get a satisfying bowl of ramen. What's there not to like, eh? The place isn't anything fancy; just a quaint restaurant that serves a substantial variety of ramen & side dishes.  But it has all that I needed for a simple dinner ;)

Ikuzo Ramen - 2 door away from McDonald's in SS2 square

10 condiments to spice up your soup
Ikuzo boasts of 10 different condiments to go along with your soup. I was wondering what's so special & what actually goes well with the soup. If you're a purist, you'll definitely not bother with the condiments. If you're a typical Malaysian, everything else will go into your soup :P You'll find pickled chilli, shallots, ginger, garlic, & even peanut paste! I tried the chilli & peanut paste, & I'll safely say that the chilli reminds me of "chilli pan mee", while the peanut paste is probably better with "ma chee" instead of ramen.

Simple menu with photos!
A good menu is simple to understand, neatly arranged & each dish is accompanied with a photo (or to the very least a brief description of what you get in that dish). It's SO helpful when a person wants to place an order.

As the menu "speaks" - A variety of side dishes to keep your ramen company!
I've yet to try their side dishes. I was too full by the time I finished my bowl of ramen. Shows how generous is their portion.

I reckon you can trust Ikuzo for some quality control

So here's what YH & I ordered for our dinner:

Ice Ginger Green Tea (RM3.90/glass)
Interesting. Few things that I would like to point out: 
#1 - ginger power! 
#2 - it's rather refreshing like a "kam quat" drink, 
#3 - it has preserved plum! (I thought it's just ginger green tea) no wonder the tangy taste & "sediments", 
#4 - I can't taste nor smell the green tea! 
#5 - it's not overly sweet nor bland ;)
Overall, it's a refreshing drink, but doesn't go very well with the "already flavourful" ramen.

Tonkatsu Ramen (RM7.90/serving)
It's below YH's expectations. She was really looking forward to the deep-fried pork pieces, but the pork is somehow not as crispy as she wishes it to be. It's quite a disappointment. She commented, "Perhaps they didn't really fry fry it - a healthier option...?" The taste of the soup, although a miso base, is also quite unique. It's not like the salty, fermented beancurd/miso flavour that we're so familiar with, but has a richer taste/soup "texture". I can't comment too much since I only tried 1-spoonful of the soup.

Tokyo Ramen (RM7.90/serving)
This is a shoyu (Japanese soya sauce) based soup ramen. The unique part of Ikuzo is the ramen itself. You can choose from the usual thin ramen (Hokkaido-style) or the thick ramen (Tokyo-style) - something like "pan mee". At least they are generous with their ingredients: 2 pieces of pork/"char siew", 1 large piece of fried beancurd sheet/"fu chok", 1 small piece of seaweed, some spinach/"poh choy", & half a soft-boiled egg ala "Japanese". The bowl of ramen is quite satisfying EXCEPT for the egg, which was REALLY salty :S

Rye flour noodles
If you look closely, there's some brown specks on the noodles. They don't use normal flour, but some wholemeal kinda flour i.e. rye flour. A healthier option of ramen, I suppose :)

Pocket-friendly dinner - I told you!
A satisfying treat to self. This is something different from the usual coffee-shop noodles/mixed rice meal. Yums!

It may not be the best ramen in town, but it certainly is one of the more pocket-friendly ones! I wouldn't mind coming back to try their other noodles. For such a price range (RM5.90 - RM10.90/serving), you can't expect them to be of the same quality & taste as restaurants where you're paying 3x the price of what you're paying here. But I dare say that it has its own concept & acceptable quality that could satisfy the simple me :) Ramen Revolution? Perhaps so...!

Ikuzo Ramen
52, Jalan SS2/61
47300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: (+603) 7873 3110
Business hours: 10:30a.m. - 11:00p.m. daily
Email: hello[at]ikuzoramen[dot]com
Facebook/Map: Ikuzo Ramen

Presentation: * * *
Price: * * *
Environment: * * *
Taste: * * * 1/2
Service: * * *




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