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Home-Cooked: Salmon Fish Head Bee Hoon

>> Saturday, September 15, 2012

I didn't follow any recipe...it's an "experiment" (as usual) based on the much that I have eaten...hahaha. How I cook & what I put in relates a lot to the experiences that I've had prior to my "experiment". This "experiment" of salmon fish head noodles came about just because I have a piece of salmon fish head in the fridge courtesy of my uncle Abby in Kuantan :D It's SO YUMMY!!

Ingredients (portion for 1 person)
Fish head - cleaned & seasoned with salt/pepper, evaporated milk, bee hoon (soaked in warm water first), salted vegetable, sour plums, beancurd, tomatoes, ginger, Chinese cooking wine/alcohol alike, sesame seed oil, cooking oil...the ONE thing I didnt' have is Chinese parsley. It makes a LOT of difference, but oh well...

1. Make sure you coat your fish with some corn flour (or any flour for frying)
It helps give a nice golden brown colour to the fish as well as helps prevent oil to spark everywhere due to presence of water! 

2. Heat up oil in wok at high heat/flame to fry fish (enough oil to cover at least half the fish)
Once the oil is hot enough, place the fish on the skin-side first (lower to medium-high heat/flame) & allow to fry 'til you can see it browning before turning it around. This will prevent the skin to be stuck to the wok.

3. Flip the fish
Once the fish's skin is brown, flip the fish & allow the other side to fry/cook. You can keep "splashing" oil onto the top-side of the fish to keep the skin cooking continuously. You can remove the fish from wok once both sides are golden brown. Hello, Mr Salmon!

Uber crispy & awesome-tasting salmon fish head! :D
Mr Salmon says "hi"...

See...golden brown...so nice, right? Teehee...

* Scoop hot oil from the wok into a container/oil-storing mug, leaving only 1 tablespoon of oil in the wok at low heat/flame.

4. Stir-fry ginger/vegetables/sour plum
Start with the frying the ginger 'til aromatic. Then add the salted veggie, followed by tomatoes, & lastly the sour plum. Turn up the heat/flame at least to medium-high while you stir-fry.

5. Add water (enough for 1 bowl of soup for the noodles)
 Bring to water to boil at medium-high or high heat/flame. Add the beancurds, a dash of sesame seed oil, some salt & pepper to taste.

6. Add evaporated milk & Chinese cooking wine/alcohol
Add roughly 3 soup-spoonful of evaporated milk to the soup. You can add more/less according to preference on how milky you want your soup to be. I added a wee bit too much milk...hahaha...it's too milky already! :S Let it boil for a while (around 2-3 minutes), then add 1-2 soup spoonful of alcohol, depending on how "umph" you like your soup to be.

7. Remove from heat & serve! :D
Enjoy the lovely home-cooked salmon fish head noodles. Can't get it anywhere else :P 

Thick, juicy salmon 

Mr. Salmon's cheek...hohoho...noms! 

The end of Mr. Salmon! *grins with pride* 

So proud of myself...haha,


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