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Chilli Rush, Jaya One, PJ

>> Thursday, September 27, 2012

Overall comment: The chicken wings are tasty & that's what it's well-known for: chilli chicken wings. The rest of the food are pretty decent, except for the burger. Somehow my burger was dry/over-cooked. Sigh. I always have issues with beef burgers at Jaya One area :(
Halal: Yes

I'm sure many people have heard of this place, Chilli Rush, & many would have tried it at least once. This place is at least a year old, if I'm not mistaken, & they're well-known for their chilli chicken wings! It's opened & managed by my friend's student's parents, where the student's mum started off with just baking good cakes. Then, they ventured into this business to offer some good chilli chicken wings & some pretty good cakes as well. This place also offers pretty decent Asian & Western dishes to accompany your yummy chilli chicken wings ;)

Chilli Rush@Jaya One, PJ
Same row as Wendy's, pretty much opposite The Bee's.

How hot & spicy can you take?
If you're a spicy-food lover, you'll probably find something that will satisfy your palette here.

Levels of spiciness
Level 1 - Mildly Merry
Level 2 - A Little Kick
Level 3 - Getting There
Level 4 - Testing Times
Level 5 - Hot
Level 6 - Habba Habbanero
Level 7 - Very Spicy
Level 8 - Close to Insanity
Level 9 - Ultimate Insanity
Level 10 - Chilli Rush

Chilli Rush Level 5 (around RM16.80/serving of 3 pairs of wings)
There are up to 10 levels of spiciness. We opted for Level 5 as this level is supposed to be spicy, yet not overly spicy 'til your tongue gets numb. I thought it's just nice for me & I may be able to go up to CR6 only...haha...the price also differs as you go up the spicy-scale!

Chilli-coated crispy wings
Sweet, savoury, spicy, & slightly tangy kinda taste...very appetizing :) 

Satay Wings
Not really spicy wings - it has bits of peanuts just like the satay sauce, except that it's more spicy than the usual satay sauce :P Quite fragrant.

Pan-Fried Dory in Cheesy Spinach Pasta (RM23.90/serving)
Nicely pan-fried dory fillet that accompanied a pretty rich & cheesy spinach-cream pasta. I thought it would be quite "jelak" since it's so creamy, but LY said she enjoyed every bit of it. I tried the sauce only & felt that it's actually not too bad...at least in a small portion :P LY's serving of this pasta is flooded with cream, but CC's looked quite dry...hmm...consistency differs, which is questionable :S In addition, I feel that the price is slightly high as well for a pasta dish. I could easily get a good plate of pasta at Vary Pasta for almost RM10.00 less!

Grilled Stuffed Dory with "Wild" Rice (RM21.90/serving)
Grilled Dory stuffed with mushrooms in a piquant pineapple sauce on a bed of wild red rice & spinach.
Serving is moderately generous for the price paid. As I didn't taste this dish, I reckon that it tasted alright since JX didn't complain. Haha.

Pandan Wrapped Chicken with "Wild" Rice (RM17.90/serving)
Chilli Rush's Thai Speciality! Served with rich, wild rice and sweet aubergines in a thick pepper gravy.
Looks good! I may try this if I pop-by again.

Chilli Cheese Burger (RM22.90/serving)
Our in house juicy beef patty comes complete with pickles, onion relish, fresh garden salads, melted cheese, topped with our very own signature chilli sauce.
#1. Price is indeed slightly steep for the portion served. I could actually get a better burger + fries at myBurgerLab for around this price (or maybe slightly more, but it sure tastes WAY better than this one)! #2. It is NOT a juicy beef patty!! :( I should have requested for them to change my burger, but I didn't read the menu & remember it properly. Bummer.

Moderately thick patty

Dry & crumbly patty :'( even with the "signature chilli sauce"
The sauce wasn't enough to "moisten" the patty...BAH.

In-House Red Velvet (RM11.50/slice - Home-Baked by the owner)
The cake is slightly lighter than the usual red velvets that I've tried, which are denser & more moist. I felt this one is more "crumbly", but not to say that it's dry+crumbly...it's "lighter". You'll also find the presence of coconut shavings in the cake, which is quite unique (but it'll be a horror for those who loathe coconut shavings). The cream cheese is also not very thick & rich, which some may fancy having something not too heavy as dessert after a full meal. If you're into rich, creamy, moist, densed red velvet, this may not be your pick. However, the red colour is from beetroot juice, which is a great natural colouring for the red velvet :) LY loves the red velvet here as she finds it just nice. 
I haven't come across a red velvet that I truly adore & fancy that isn't too sweet, yet rich enough to provide that ultimate satisfaction to every bite ;)

Map to Chilli Rush @ Jaya One, PJ

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If I were to dine at Chilli Rush again, the chilli chicken wings will certainly be part of the order. As for the main course, I may try their pasta or their rice dishes. I doubt I'll give the burger another chance for redemption. Haha.

Chilli Rush @ Jaya One
J-31-G, Jaya One
72A, Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: (+603) 7960 7368
Business hours: 11:00a.m. - 12:00a.m. daily
URL: www.chillirush.com.my
Email: info@chillirush.com.my
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ChilliRush

Presentation: * * *
Price: * * 1/2
Environment: * * *
Taste: * * *
Service: * * *


Pricey, but their wings are worth eating,


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