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Salut Seafood Restaurant (Revisit)

>> Thursday, August 2, 2012

Overall comment: Great seafood - fresh, inexpensive, & totally enjoyable!
Halal: Yes

AP & I have only been to Salut once, 3 years back, during our 1st trip to KK. Since then, we've been longing to pop-by again & as expected, we had no regrets having our dinner here. Although we had quite a tough time searching for this place this time around (we had my brother driving us around the last time), the excitement just got to us again once we arrived :D

Entrance/Parking Area of Salut Seafood Restaurant

Day 3 of seafood. Seriously, it's as if we just got out of jail! Hahaha...

Lovely view from the restaurant :)
Dusk...such serenity...me love!

Appetizers (RM4.00/set)
Something to munch on while waiting for the main dishes. Not too bad. The pickled papayas & radish were sourish, slightly sweet, slightly spicy, & crunchy.

 Fresh Oysters (RM3.00/shell)
Ah, so yummy. We had 2 shells each...fresh, juicy, tasty, & cheap! It's probably double the price here in PJ/KL...ah, I love oysters!

Butter Prawns (RM38.00/kg)
Ah, lovely lovely. I could eat up all the egg-shreds! So fine, yet packed with aromatic flavour! *oolala* The prawns were also fresh, "sweet" & "crunchy". Thumbs up! I bet their steam prawns rock too! Just that we've had 2 nights of steamed prawns, so we felt it's time to go for another variant :)

Stir-Fried Scallops with Ginger & Spring Onions (RM25.00/kg)
Check out the size of those juicy scallops! Oh, to die for...we could have had more! The dish had enough "wok hei"/"fire" as well, so the flavours of the ginger, spring onions, garlic, & oyster sauce was absolutely delicious! :D

Deep-Fried Soft Shell Crabs  (RM35.00/kg)
This soft shell crabs had a tad too much batter that we couldn't really taste the soft shell crabs. I guess for such a dish of crispy soft shell crabs, Japanese restaurants could be the champion! :)

Steamed Tiger Garoupa (RM72.00)
"Ini sangat mahal", but if we eat this here in PJ, it could easily cost us RM150.00! I remember having a "normal Garoupa" at South Sea Seafood Restaurant near the Subang Airport, & that already costs us RM90.00. Imagine if it's a Tiger Garoupa :S The flesh for this fish is slightly "chewy", smooth, & it's a very pleasant/enjoyable & healthy dish to have for dinner :) 

Stir-Fried "Dragon's Beard"/Loong Sou Vegetable (RM8.00/serving)
See how cheap a large plate of veggie could be in KK?? The one at Ranau charged us RM14! Ish. This vegetable is very unique. You won't get this in every restaurant, everyday, so we decided to order this vegetable instead of the usual Sabah vegetable or ferns. If you haven't had this vegetable before, it's alike the ferns/paku pakis, but it's not so "moist" (in Cantonese, we will say "wat san san"...something like "slimy") when you bite into it. It has a certain crisp texture like the asparagus, but the "beard" of the vegetable has a slightly more tender texture, which I can't find a suitable word to describe it :P

Looking at the prices that we paid for the dishes above, we felt that it was SO worth it to have our meal at Salut. However, our fruit juices costs RM26.50 - avocado juice was already RM6.00/glass, the usual orange & guava juice were RM4.50/glass & the pineapple special kinda drink that's served in a pineapple itself costs almost RM10.00! Hahaha...

On the overall, this is one good place you shouldn't miss if you're in KK & if you have a car. I'll be back again if I'm in KK the next time! :D

Salut Seafood Restaurant
Mile 13, Jalan Tuaran Telipok
Kota Kinabalu
Tel: (+6088) 228301
Fax: (+6088) 491900/ 780301
Email: nagalexx@tm.net.my
GPS: N06 6.241' E116 9.619'

Presentation: * * * 1/2
Price: * * * 1/2
Environment: * * 1/2
Taste: * * * *
Service: * * * 1/2


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