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Expensive Yam Abacus at a Medan Selera!

>> Tuesday, August 28, 2012

*pffftttt* I can't believe that I was charged RM15.00 for a small plate of yam abacus at the PJ Old Town Medan Selera (market food court) last Wednesday!! It's pretty much the price range of yam abacus at restaurants in shopping malls...*ergh*

I really didn't expect to pay such a high price for a plate of yam abacus. I know that there are NINE different ingredients in the dish to accompany the almost bland yam abacus, but hey, RM15?? Yes, yes, I also know that it's a lot of hard work to hand-roll the yam abacus one by one...but RM15 for 30 little yam abacus?? *sigh*

When I told one of the lady staff, she replied, "Huh? 30? More than that la...." =.="
"I counted one by one," I told her....and her reply was a classic defence mechanism that shut me up to just finish every single bit of the yam abacus "You know, there are nine different types of ingredients in there ar..."

Will I order the yam abacus again? Nooooo! Hahaha....once bitten twice shy...if you're willing to pay RM15.00 for a plate of yam abacus, good for you. But this PerutBesi isn't willing to pay that much for a plate of yam abacus. The worst part is that my colleagues tagged me the same weekend itself on Facebook for a plate of yam abacus that they ordered in Malacca for just RM3.00!!! *faints* I just paid FIVE times the price *boohoo*...is the taste that far a cry? I doubt it lah...the PJ Old Town's yam abacus was nothing "wow" in my personal opinion. I do know that many people are still in favour of their yam abacus, but I will set aside my RM15.00 for something better...perhaps a juicy burger? ;) Oh, I remember buying a packet of "uncooked" yam abacus from the SS2 market last time for RM5.00/packet. There are roughly 20 yam abacus in a packet...it's still more worth it to cook 'em myself!

Call me "stingy"/"kiam siap"/"cheapo", but I shall not pay RM15.00 for a plate of yam abacus that isn't really a proper meal...

Why are things getting so expensive :(,


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