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Dad's Home-Cooked Bah Kut Teh

>> Tuesday, August 21, 2012


1. Tong sui (dessert)
2. Sweet & spicy mud crabs
3. Bah Kut Teh

The weather was just AWESOME for some steaming hot/warm home-cooked bah kut teh. The above are my dad's top 3 dishes & he was more than excited to share the results of his acquired skills/talents with the extended family :) I've had many times of his bah kut teh at home, but this is the 1st time (and many more times to come!) that he cooked for 15 persons!! Fuh! Everyone was VERY pleased :D

Are you hungry now...? :D
We spent around RM190 for EVERYTHING - pork, pig's stomach, pork balls, mushrooms (3 types), "taufu pok", beancurd sheets, packets of BKT soup base, "yau zha kwai", veggie, chilli... to feed 15 persons!  Around RM13.00/person for such a lavish meal...eat 'til you drop kinda meal...and there were some left-overs to feed another 5 persons! Hohohoho....SUPER "DAI" (worth it)!!

Dad didn't just use the packet BKT soup base, but he added LOADS of other ingredients - his own recipe. This was what he shared with us:
- BKT soup base (usually Claypot brand, but this time, he can't find that brand at Tesco, so he bought Tean Kitchen's brand)
- garlic
- "dong quai" (according to Wiki, it's female ginseng)
- "kam chou" (dried licorice root)
- "kei zhi" (wolfberries)
- "hong zhou" (red dates) - I can't fully remember if he did mention this ingredient
- oyster sauce
- dark soya sauce
- light soya sauce
- some ground white pepper

You can go ahead to try if your BKT according to the ingredients above tastes good :P My dad made his TWO pots of BKT taste excellent! Ah, much love, much love :D

Aunty Mary helping to cut the "yau zha kwai"
I can just have the yau zha kwai with the soup! SO GOOD........

More soup, more soup! :D

The chef with his dish :D

Fresh "yau mak" veggie 

The nicely cut "yau zha kwai" 

The beancurd sheets/"fu chok" 

The pot of goodness...yummilicious!
See the load of golden mushrooms? *drools* 

A type of yellowish chilli padi that I bought from KK to give the BKT an extra "kick"/"umph" 

The Wong family's FEAST! 

With such a "suitable" weather (cool, rainy, slightly windy) for some warm herbal soup meal, have I tempted you to crave for some BKT now? :P

Warm meal on a cool day + warmth of family = bliss,


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