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Trip to Kota Kinabalu (22 - 26 July 2012)

>> Monday, July 30, 2012

After a holiday, I'll reminisce & look forward to the next holiday. Hahaha."Oh, where should I go next...? Hmm...." *mind wanders & goes into dream mode*

Last week's trip to KK was an enjoyable one. AP & I didn't get to eat/see anything really different from our last trip 3 years ago, but the load of food & time to bond with JO & VK was of no regrets nor complaints :) Praise God that we had awesome weather throughout our entire trip!

We were in KK for 5 days 4 nights, where we had seafood basically EVERY night in KK! Crazy, right? If we die of OD (overdose), I believe we'll still die happy :P 

We didn't rent the car for Day 1 & 2 as we were staying right beside the mall, where there's the free shuttle bus to town! Yays! Pocket-friendly trip man...hahaha...we only rented the car from end of Day 2 - Day 5 to get out of KK i.e. Ranau, Kundasang, Penampang...etc. So basically, Day 1 was lepaking at the mall, while Day 2 was out to the TAR Marine Park for island hopping & snorkelling! :D

The majestic view of Mount Kinabalu just makes us all stand in awe of God's creation. We felt SO small with that giant right in front/behind of us! Awesomeness....

This trip, we had the opportunity to pop-by the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, a place where we didn't get to visit in our last trip. This is the one & only place that's different from our year 2009 itinerary....ahaha...we even had dinner at the same seafood places (and more)! Although we've had it before, it's still as good or even better! Yums!

Stay tuned with PerutBesi as I will be posting on the various seafood places that I've visited in the next few days. It's good, cheap, & makes you crave for even more seafood each day! Hahahaha...

I want another good holiday,


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