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Norway Salmon Fish Head Noodles

>> Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Venue: Jinjang Selatan, Jalan Ipoh-Jalan Kepong area (behind Crystal Crown Hotel KL)
Overall comment: Interestingly delicious fish head noodles, which isn't very "fishy" (salmon tends to have a stronger "fishy" smell). The soup base was appetizing & well-balanced in taste. Yums! Affordable too!
Halal: Pork-free

If you're a fan of salmon & fish head noodles, this is one pretty good place to enjoy the best of both the fish & the noodles. Slightly thick rice vermicelli served in a bowl of milky soup with fragrant Chinese cooking wine ("Fa Thiu Sui Heng Zhao"), tomatoes, ginger, salted vegetables, spring onions, parsley & fried shallots just made my day! It's SO fragrant! 

Slightly sourish, slightly "fishy", slightly peppery, slightly pungent with alcohol/cooking wine, slightly salty, slightly sweet, slightly spicy (if you eat with the chili paste)...and smooth! - an explosion of flavours in your mouth!

I enjoy fish head noodles, so wherever I could get a good bowl of such, I wouldn't want to miss the opportunity. I do believe that such a dish is also an acquired taste. Not everyone enjoys a bowl of "milky-soup noodles" with at times, "fishy" fish! :D

The chili on the right goes better with the noodles! :D

Of course, if you're too afraid of fish bones or just want to avoid the hassle of eating the fish head, you can still opt for fish paste noodles :)

Here at Norway Salmon Fish Head Noodles, you can get a pretty large bowl of noodles that comes in either milk soup or curry soup. You can also opt for non-fish noodles such as the prawn noodles ala "fish head noodles" style :)

The stall is a very humble one, right at the side of the street, tucked behind the mighty Crystal Crown KL Hotel & Brem Mall. But you won't miss the stall as the signboard/banners for the stall is quite large & eye-catching! This stall is proud to serve a hearty bowl of salmon fish head noodles for RM7.50/bowl. Ah, bliss...

Map to Salmon Fish Head Noodles stall at Jinjang Selatan

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Norway Salmon Fish Head Noodles
Jalan Jambu
Taman Batu
52000 Kuala Lumpur
Note: "Attap-roof"/zink roof stall behind Brem Mall/Crystal Crown Kuala Lumpur
GPS: N03 12.222' E101 40.052

Presentation: * * *
Price: * * * *
Environment: * * *
Taste: * * * 1/2
Service: * * *


I love good fish head noodles,


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