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My Baking Diary - Lemon Cupcakes

>> Friday, June 1, 2012

1. I bought A LOT of lemons - because they were CHEAP! RM0.45/lemon (usual price = RM0.80 - RM1.20/lemon)
2. I bought a whole tray of 30 eggs!! Nope, it's not because they were cheap, but it's because I had thoughts of making pavlova, but it just didn't materialize :( I realized that I can't really make pavlova the night before & bring it to office the next morning. It would taste awful. Sigh. Unless I bake it in the morning for a dinner at night....)

Therefore, if you did notice, many of the dishes that I cooked/made in these few days have traces of lemons, whether it's lemon juice/zest. I've baked chicken & used some lemon juice in the marinade & also made some "Green Goodness" drinks...now, it's lemon cupcakes! This recipe is taken from Joy of Baking. It uses SIX (6) eggs *whoopeee*! Loads of lemons & eggs used in this recipe...nomnom! :D

My 1st ever batch of lemon cupcakes
It's in a cute, yellow "lion" cupcake mould too! ^.^ v 

It came out alright...the cakes are slightly too moist though...hmm...perhaps it would be different tomorrow since it's being refrigerated? *keeps fingers crossed*

Batter ready to be baked!
Somehow I didn't take a photo of the process...it's pretty much the same la...just that I used the cake mixer instead of the traditional hand+whisk/spatula.

It's rising :D 

The lemon curd
Prepared as per recipe...not bad...except that I didn't have butter, so I used some margerine & vegetable oil..."agak-agaklah" :P 

Dig "holes" to store the lemon curd 

I forgot to take a proper photo before I pipe the whipped cream...oops... 
So cute, right? :D

Finished product - with a small slice of lemon as deco! *happiness!* 

Tomorrow will be D-Day to taste my lemon cupcakes with lemon curd & whipped cream (my 1st time making whipped cream!)... there are only 11 cupcakes...not enough for everyone, but we can share ;)

p/s: I'll try to remember uploading a photo of the cupcake (inside) once I bite into it tomorrow :D



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