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TWG Tea, Singapore

>> Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The whole month has been utterly busy. I didn't have sufficient time to blog nor did I have any inspiration to do so. But I felt that some of the places that I've captured in photos are blog-worthy. TWG Tea is one of them :)

GN & YH brought me to Marina Bay Sands (MBS) on Good Friday to look around the latest addition in Singapore. We just couldn't resist stopping by TWG for brunch as this place serves YH's favourite Eggs Benedict.

Halal: Yes

There are at least 3-4 outlets of TWG here at MBS itself! Amazing...all outlets with slightly different concepts/views.

Abundance of Tea
Every jar contains a type of tea...imagine the whole "library" of tea! Looks like a book shelf/bar to me...hahaha...

Check out the menu!
It's filled with words (types of tea) on BOTH sides of the menu...no joke :S 

My tea: Silver Moon Tea
It's green tea base + strawberries + cherry blossoms + vanilla *bliss* Light, but so fragrant! I love! :)

Sugar - so cute :P 

Macarons: 1 of each flavour
Soft top & not too sweet...nice :) 

Macarons: The flavours available 

So smooth & yummy :D

GN's brunch: Scrambled Eggs Set
It's pretty good. I actually think the prawns & salmon makes the eggs like a side instead of the main :D 

Scrambled Eggs Set: Comes with toasts 

YH's favourite Eggs Benedict
It looks SO good...I wanna learn how to make the perfect eggs benedict someday! It comes with a choice of ham or salmon; YH had salmon.

My Veal Blanquette
Awesome stew!! Tender meat in fragrant gravy. I LOVE the mushrooms & baby onions that came with the dish...SO GOOD.... *more more more* 

Veal Blanquette's: Comes with a bun to dip the gravy 

If you ask me to drop by MBS again, I don't see much point to do so apart from trying out some of the good food available there...hahaha...for a Malaysian, eating there is surely expensive....we spent around SGD$140 just for this meal! Hahaha...the scrambled eggs set itself (comes with tea, orange juice, & pastries, I think) was around SGD$54 already ;)

I'm sure Malaysia has such food, right? It's a land of food! But the lazy me can't be bothered to go around & hunt for such food yet...hahaha...

The unmotivated food blogger,


Anonymous June 2, 2013 at 11:00 AM  

is it halal?

PerutBesi June 10, 2013 at 2:19 PM  

@Anonymous: I'm not sure if it has the halal status, but I'm quite sure it is pork free...

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