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My Baking Diary - England Apple Traybake

>> Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I've no idea what's a "traybake" - from its name, it bakes in a tray...? Haha...my dear colleague, MT, came to me this morning & sheepishly said that he has a recipe to show me, which he saw in the Cold Storage's catalog. After which, as expected, he asked if I could bake it. Hmm...it certainly doesn't look too complicated & I have almost everything except for apples, which I could get from the pasar malam :)

MT, I acknowledged you as you wanted ya....

So my adventure began - I decided to take up the challenge to bake my 1st "England Apple Traybake" (EAT - what an interesting acronym! :P); it's my first baked item for the month as well :) I bought some Granny Smith apples from the pasar malam in SS2 & was all prepared to bake this apple item. The end result of the try-out: SUCCESSFUL!! It looks UBER GOOD!

Fresh from the oven :D
This just came out when I was about to begin blogging this post. Hurrah!! It looks a 'lil like pizza from here, but it's not :P I tested out the texture after it cooled down for more than 10 minutes. It's very moist/slightly too oily for my liking & the apples are slightly crunchy, yet soft. The flavour is quite interesting, but I personally didn't fancy the texture. On the overall, it's good nonetheless! :)

It took me roughly 2 hours to slowly prepare & bake the EAT. Here's to share some photos & the recipe:

The recipe from Cold Storage's catalog
I know...it does feel strange to trust a recipe from a catalog, but hey, it worked well! :)

Roughly 450g of cooking apples
You'll need to slice it - according to the recipe, it's to be sliced thinly. But I prefer some texture to the bite, so I had thicker cuts of apples. Plus, I mixed green & red apples :)

All ingredients ready!

Mix flour with butter
As I didn't have self-rising flour, I substituted it with all-purpose flour+baking powder+salt. Substitution directions can be found here at the Joy Of Baking's website.

Mix the eggs into the batter & fold 

Add vanilla essence 

Spread 1 layer of batter over tray & lay apples on top 

Add cinnamon (optional) & sprinkle sugar 

Layer with the remaining batter 

Top with the remaining apples, some cinnamon, & sprinkle sugar
I even added some lemon zest ;) 

Bake at 180 degrees Celcius for 40-50 minutes 
As I didn't use the proper baking tray size (I think) & I didn't have parchment paper, I laid the tray with aluminium foil, which may affect the heat/baking. Thank goodness the result was still good :)

Thus ends my "adventure" to bake for today. If you're adventurous enough, do give this a try & let me know how yours turned out :)

An applicious "adventurer",


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