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Short Trip to Ipoh for JS2012 Graduation

>> Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another year has passed; I just came back from an extremely short trip to Ipoh (a 1 night trip) to attend the Jeremiah School 2012's Graduation/Commissioning Service at Ipoh Wesley. It feels as if it's just yesterday that I attended the JS2011's graduation!

Seven of us packed up in an MPV & left PJ around 9pm, after our youth meeting (MYF). We bought McD's for dinner, then headed straight to Fung Hao's house in Ipoh. It was quite a noisy trip when Mel was awake & excited, but when she's asleep, I had the priceless opportunity to chit-chat with Ben & got to know him better! Lovely :D Ahahaha...I'm so mean to Mel...but I love Melo! :P *huggies to Melo*

Life without Mel would be soooo quiet & probably dull :P

We arrived in Fung's house around midnight & were greeted by his dad :) "Thanks for waiting, uncle!" We even had a cup of barley as the "welcome drink"...hahahaha...it was quite cute. After all the "briefing" on the plans for Sunday, we headed off to our rooms - ah, so comfy. I slept through the night 'til Chris' sms came through & the rooster started to crow THREE times! I'm not kidding!! That rooster crowed around 6:40am when we had to wake up! Hahahaha....

Church service started at 8:15am & went on smoothly with the commissioning of the JS 2012 students. It's amazing to witness their graduation & listen to some of their testimonies. I knew some of them from camp & it's just awesome to know that they've experienced God in a deeper & probably different way ;)

Each road trip would not be complete without a meal or two, right? At least not for the PerutBesi....ahahahaha...we were introduced to Sun Seng Fatt at Jalan Market for their "Ipoh Sar Hor Fun" (kuey teow soup with chicken shreds), "Pak Chit Kai" (steamed chicken), "Nga Choy" (bean sprouts), & their Dry Curry Noodles.

Caught some funny expressions on my camera! :D

Food here was not excellent, in my humble opinion. I somewhat remember Kum Kee at Pasir Pinji area as the one where I enjoyed more - it's a little different though. Kum Kee's does not have prawns, but the soup is nicer/sweeter because of the soya/yellow beans that they used as the soup's base - not so bland. Since I'm no steamed chicken connoisseur, I can't really tell the great difference of the chicken here compared to other great places. It's certainly fresh, but the meat is slightly difficult for me to bite off! Hahaha....sort of too springy for me :P Oh, I'm reminded of my Ipoh trip last year, which I really enjoyed!

 Dumpling (RM1.00/dumpling)
The dumplings tasted more like chicken than pork...with some bits of spring onions & turnips finely chopped & mixed with the minced meat. It's not too bad, really. If they put some "jor hao yue" (literally translated as left-mouth-fish), something like dried anchovies/ikan bilis, into the dumpling, it would have tasted MUCH more fragrant!

 All noodles (RM4.50/bowl)
Eating in Ipoh is quite expensive already, eh? Gone are the days where a bowl of noodles is below RM3.50 :(

Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah (around RM0.90/bowl)
This is like a must-have when you're in Ipoh, even when the crowd is large - you can just do a drive-through & order/eat in the car. Extremely smooth tau fu fah with concentrated ginger sugar syrup...so good...*bliss* I think the price went up by RM0.20 since last year, if I'm not mistaken.

On the overall, although this trip is a very short one, I'm still thankful to have made it to Ipoh for the JS2012's graduation with this bunch of youths. Four of them are from the TRAC MYF committee, while 3 of us just buat tumpang :D I enjoyed myself loads & had tremendous fun, loads of laughter, & was very much amused & irritated at the same time, thanks to the energetic & always-loved Melo :D

I ain't really a youth already, but I'm looking forward to more of such trips with a bunch of crazy & exciting people like these!!

Young people are fun people!


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