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Remembering Aunty Janet

>> Monday, January 2, 2012

This isn't a food/adventure/friendship sorta post, but I just felt like sharing this with all my dear readers (who can pray with us for my uncle's family as well). Don't ask me why I'm moved to write about my aunt, but somehow I felt "led" to do so...

In my previous blog post, I mentioned the demise of my aunt J in Singapore. When I received the news early this morning around 7:30a.m. that she has returned to the Lord around midnight, my mind just drifted to the photos that I had taken with her years ago during my convocation.

The photos were significant memories to me (it's my one & only graduation!) & to have her & my uncle Mike celebrating my graduation with my family & I was a bonus.

I'm just wondering if my difficulty to sleep last night had to do with this piece of news that I received this morning. You know, at times our minds are just occupied with "something", yet it's nothing that we could figure out! I RARELY have difficulties to sleep; in fact, I have difficulties staying awake! *lol*

Both my uncle & aunt have been living in Singapore for as long as I could remember. They were back for a couple of years in Malaysia, after which, they went back to Singapore. My aunty Janet is fondly remembered for her great cooking skills, patience in beading Peranakan-style shoes, knitting hugable-size dolls, her caring nature & her cheerful laughter as well. I'll certainly cherish the many times that I had sat down to chit-chat with her over all sorts of topics!

I'm very thankful to God for this aunt & my forever-supportive uncle as well. Both of them have been great role models individually & as a couple. I'm sure God's faithfulness in both their lives will continue with my uncle, my cousins, nephews, nieces, & the rest of the family.

It's sad to know that she has left & I'll certainly miss having her around. I didn't get to meet her this year nor in the past few months. We certainly haven't met for the longest time, but the memories with her will remain vivid in my mind.

As of now, all of us back here are keeping the family in thoughts & prayers. My dad, mum & uncle will head to Singapore for her memorial, but as much as I want to go, I won't be able to make it :( The new year comes with additional responsibilities at work i.e. conduct trainings for the new testers. I look forward to the Grand Reunion, when I will meet her again & be Home in God's presence forever :)

Aunty Janet, you'll be greatly missed by all your loved ones...
(I didn't realize I had this photo of my aunty Janet in my graduation photos folder! I doubt I was the one who took the photo...haha)



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