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>> Thursday, January 19, 2012

Welcome to Singapore! 
I managed to capture an almost perfect "panoramic" photo from the Esplanade area - combination of 2 photos :) So proud of myself! Hahaha....my hands are quite 'stable' after all :) I love the calm, relaxing, night view, & not forgetting the lovely breeze! Ah, a great way to end a long day of work & loads of walking.

I was in Singapore last week to visit my uncle & cousins as I could not make it for my aunt's memorial.

Since I was in Singapore, I took the opportunity to also catch up with 3 close/best friends, whom I miss dearly :) I had loads of food, fun, & lovely memories with family & friends during the very short work + holiday trip there. I'll keep the words at minimum & allow the photos to speak the remaining words :)

My 1st "meal" upon arrival at Singapore - Chocolate goodness at Laurent Bernard, Robertson Quay
I've never been to this place before & oooh, the hot chocolate (Gayas Equador - $9.00) was very rich! I had fun sharing the Rum & Raisins Souffle ($14.00) & Warm Chocolate Cake ($9.80) with 3 wonderful friends :)

Family Dinner at a Chinese Restaurant in Sembawang Shopping Center
It's my 1st yee sang for the year 2012! Plus my FIRST time having the huge Sri Lankan crabs!! :D Food was lovely & the warmth of fellowship with family members is much cherished.

Gifts of love & random meals
Jie's dad bought us yummy egg tarts (I LOVE egg tarts!!) & char siew puffs one morning for breakfast! 

Dinner with bestie at Raffles City Mall
Delicious Chinese meal - to me, any meal is better with good company ;) Lip-smacking "xiao loong bao" & beef brisket la mian....ah....awesomeness...

Cookie-Tasting & Tea, The Cookie Museum, Esplanade Mall
Yet another 1st: Cookie-Tasting!! *woots* We sampled a total of 14 different types of sweet & savoury cookies, ranging from the fruit+nuts variety to floral to Asian delights like "Nasi Lemak", "Hae Bee Heam", "Sambal Ikan Bilis" & "Chicken Rice"! I'm such a jakun....I was over-excited!! Not to forget, the aromatic tea that we each had: my bestie had a hibiscus+lemongrass+mint leaves tea, while I had a peach & sunflower tea :) SOOOO relaxing & fun to be there. I felt like a "queen" for the 1+hour while we were there enjoying our cuppa hot tea & gigglish conversation :D

Gifts for Self from Self/Family :P 

Food, Adventure, Friendship - PerutBesi
This short trip captured an overload of lovely memories that no words suffice to describe :)

I wanna go to Singapore again! Not that I love Singapore & how life takes place there, but I just miss my besties, close friends to share laughter & stories with, & warmth of extended family.

Missing my family & friends,


Chong January 19, 2012 at 9:43 AM  

I see that you enjoyed yourself in Singapore. Haha. I used to go there twice a year but haven't done so for quite some time already. NOrmally, I would go there for their western food. Hehe.

Oh... There's Gong Cha in Malaysia too, albeit lesser choice compared to the one in Singapore.

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