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Arisan Taiwanese Fried Chicken & Dessert, Subang

>> Monday, January 16, 2012

Venue: Arisan Taiwanese Fried Chicken & Dessert, Subang SS15
Overall comment: The chicken is their one saving grace. The desserts that I've tried were below my personal expectations. Truly, nothing beats Snowflake yet!
Halal: Yes

As I've never tried the Arisan Chicken's ice desserts before this, I went on to buy 2 Everyday coupons for RM5.90/set/coupon (value at RM13.80/set/coupon) that comes with a serving of fried chicken & a bowl of ice dessert. On that particular day where I dropped by, there wasn't much of a crowd - probably it's the timing as well.

The cafe/restaurant is located at the other end of Taylor's College area in Subang Jaya SS15. It's not a large area to have a meal, but good enough for proper air ventilation. Apart from the usual fried chicken & ice desserts, this place offers set meals with rice & drinks for lunch/dinner crowds too!

I will usually purchase coupon deals when I want to try out some place, but am not too sure if the food is nice or not. Either that, I will purchase coupons for places which I know serves nice food/services! :D I could safely say that the fried chicken here is tasty. Can't go too wrong with fried chicken, I suppose. As long as the chicken pieces are crispy on the outside & juicy/moist on the inside, I'll give it a passing mark ;)

Chicken Choppo Nuggets (worth RM6.90/serving)
The nuggets are small pieces of boneless chicken. I thought it's quite enjoyable to have bite-size fried chicken to pop into the mouth.

Chicken Choppo with Chilli (worth RM6.90/piece)
This large piece of chicken has bones, so if you're just too lazy to have something with bones, go for the nuggets. I think it tastes pretty much the same, just that the texture may differ due to the thickness of the chicken pieces.

Arisan's ice desserts on the other hand barely passed the mark. Just the looks of the dessert speaks a thousand words that Snowflake is still the champion in this industry of Taiwanese ice desserts :P You can do a comparison of the photos with the one of Snowflake at my previous Snowflake post here. It may be a little unfair to compare their desserts to Snowflake since Snowflake is somewhat the pioneer in the industry, but I think it's a benchmark for future improvements :)

Grass Jelly Ice with Taro & Sweet Potato Balls (worth RM6.90/bowl)

The taro & sweet potato balls at Arisan are not as firm compared to Snowflake's. The grass jelly tasted a little strange as well. Hahaha...on the overall, the dessert is still "acceptable" for the price that I had to pay (with the coupon), so I just ate up whatever that I ordered.

Soya Ice with Yam & Peanuts
I was looking forward to some nicer, softer boiled peanuts, just like the ones at Snowflake, but somehow the taste & texture is quite different, which I prefer Snowflake's.

All I could say is that, thank goodness Arisan lived up to its name for their fried chicken! :D I won't blame Arisan for not having the best ice desserts since their primary focus is on their fried chicken. They certainly have great room for improvement in their dessert section.

I could give a thumbs-up for their fried chicken
Not sure if the shop offers consistently good fried chicken, but I sure hope it does!

Map to Arisan Taiwanese Fried Chicken & Dessert
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Arisan Taiwanese Fried Chicken & Desserts
A7-G, Jalan SS15/8A
47500 Subang Jaya
Tel: (+6016) 384 6368
Business Hours: Daily 12:00p.m.- 11:00p.m.

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Happy walker January 16, 2012 at 11:59 AM  

will go there one day~ XD

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