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T@Time Station, Kuantan

>> Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Venue: T@Time Station, Kuantan (Star City)
Overall comment: Decent food & a large variety of drinks at affordable prices :)
Halal: Yes

Star City has been a popular area for meals & snacks alike. Most of the cafes here are youth-centered, & one of the more popular places is T@Time Station. This cafe boasts of its delicious & generous-serving pearl milk teas that come in various flavours. Unlike the usual non-branded (e.g. of branded are Chatime/Gongcha) pearl milk tea, T@Time Station's pearls are soft, nicely sweetened, & chewy :) This cafe also serves a large variety of food to accompany its extensive selection of drinks! Oh, did I mention that it's also situated opposite my favourite Japanese restaurant in Kuantan i.e. Koi Zen? :D

Not after I took this photo! Somehow when we sat down, it wasn't really lunch hour yet. But after 10 minutes or so, the whole cafe was full! You'll have to wait for a seat/table :S

The menu is LOADED with LOADS of Asian/Local & Western food choices! Most of the food here are acceptable to the palette/quite tasty too.

Even their drinks selection is quite an eye-full :P

Pearl Milk Green Tea (RM5.40/cup), Yoghurt Milk Tea with Pearls (RM6.40/cup)
On an average, a cup of pearl milk tea is RM5.40/cup. Some of the milk tea are pure milk tea without pearls, so an additional RM1 is required for the added pearls/jelly. I find the price acceptable since they give a large cup of smooth & creamy milk tea with soft, chewy, & nicely sweetened pearls. You can't really compare it with Chatime nor Gongcha since it's not available in Kuantan yet ;) The green tea with milk has the strong taste & fragrance of the green tea, just that it is milky (I actually prefer it without milk as it would be more refreshing). On the other hand, the yoghurt milk tea gives the simple creamy milk a slightly sourish yoghurt taste, which takes the "jelak" feeling off the milk tea.

Coffee Milk Tea with Pearls & "Pudding" (RM6.90/cup)

Strawberry Milk Tea with Pearls (RM5.40/cup)
This is a safe bet; you can't go very wrong with this. It's certainly not my cup of tea as I don't fancy strawberry milk!

Tom Yam Kuey Teow (RM7.40/bowl)
You can opt for the usual meehoon, mee, or kuey teow, so I opted for kuey teow since meehoon will soak up all the soup & gets soggy very quickly. I found the tom yam soup here extremely sour, but AP said it was quite nice. I reckon my tongue was just not used to having such a level of sour-ness for a tom yam soup. I would prefer it to be less sour, with more chilli/spiciness, & a wee bit more of sugar to enhance the overall taste of the tom yam soup. In terms of ingredients, there's not much that you will find except some fish cakes. Certainly not the best dish to have here.

Sweet & Sour Sauce Chicken Chop (RM12.90/serving)
You can't go too wrong with such a simple fried dish. So far, I didn't hear any complaints, so I reckon it was an acceptable dish :)

Fried Spicy Petai Meehoon (RM6.90/serving)
Aromatic & spicy, but they could do better with the meehoon, which was a little dry/hard; it just needs to be soaked a little longer in warm water or blanched a little longer in boiling water before it gets fried with the petai. Overall taste is alright.

Fried Egg with Prawns + Rice (RM7.40/serving)
PW was very satisfied with his order. When his rice was served at our table, the fragrance of the fried egg made our tummies rumble. I wish I ordered this simple, yet satisfying dish instead of my tom yam! Aiseh...

Singapore Fried Meehoon (RM5.40/serving)
Decent & satisfying - just don't compare it to the usual Chinese-hawker/dai-chow stalls :P

Map to T@Time Station
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Whenever I feel like having "bubble tea" in Kuantan, this will be my 1st choice of place to get it (for now). I've yet to try out their other food items & their other variants of pearl milk tea. I foresee myself popping by this place & the neighbouring cafes quite often each time I'm in town ;)

Perhaps the next time I'm in town, I'll have a good-enough meal at Koi Zen, then pop by to take-away a cuppa "bubble tea" to enjoy it at home :D Life, me likey!

T@Time Station
A27, Lorong Seri Kuantan 80
Kuantan Star City
25000 Kuantan.
Tel: (+609) 567 3471
Business hours: Opens daily for breakfast, lunch, & dinner (if I'm not mistaken, from 10:30a.m. - late night)

Presentation: * * *
Price: * * *
Environment: * * * 
Taste: * * * 1/2
Service: * * * 


Recommended place for bubble tea in Kuantan,


Rowan December 7, 2011 at 12:28 AM  

I was there, had the yogurt milk tea, that was nice! Will try it again, I like sour tom yam! ;p

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