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Review: Uncle Chilli’s Christmas Eve 4-Course Meal

>> Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Venue: Uncle Chilli's Bar, Hilton Hotel, Petaling Jaya
Occasion: Food review
Halal: Yes

Ever thought of celebrating the joy of Christmas over a lavish meal with family & friends at a bar cum restaurant? More often than not, we'll pop by the usual restaurants at shopping malls for a Christmas meal with friends. Uncle Chilli's Bar at Hilton Hotel, Petaling Jaya calls out to all food & music lovers to celebrate this year's Christmas Eve in a different note!

It's not my 1st time at Uncle Chilli's but I was pleasantly surprised to taste their Christmas Eve spread this time around. The last time I was here was for an after-dinner drinks night with some other bloggers. Expect a cosy, retro-designed place with relatively quiet ambiance before 9:00p.m. & some good live band music from 9:00p.m. onwards.

This Christmas Eve, the kitchen team at Uncle Chilli's has tailored an exquisite Christmas Eve 4-Course Set Dinner priced at RM120.00++/person (inclusive a glass of complimentary champagne). You'll get to taste the passion of the team at Uncle Chilli's as they bring you on a delicious "journey" through each course of the meal as you dine in "the place where 'U' belong".

Complimentary Glass of Grande Reserve 'Gosset' Champagne
I didn't take the champagne, but had their mocktails instead. According to those who had the champagne, it was quite easy on the palate & good enough to keep one satisfied.

Green Sparkling Mocktail
The green sparkling mocktail has mint leaves, Fruitade, Sprite, lemon juice/wedges, & sago balls. It's quite like a fruit punch, but is more fizzy since there's Fruitade and Sprite in the drink. I would have much prefer if the mint leaves were crushed to give it a fresh, minty taste rather than just placing it in for some tinge of fragrance. There's also a red sparkling mocktail, but strangely, I didn't have any photos of it! Weird...in any case, the red sparkling mocktail consists of strawberry purée, Sprite, soda water, grenadine syrup, & sago balls as well. Oh ya, the sago balls tastes strange...not cooked properly/over-cooked :S It was "floury"!

Complimentary wholegrain bun with butter
If you like grainy buns, this was pretty delicious.

Executive Chef, Denis Vecchiato explaining the 1st dish
Chef Denis Vecchiato began his role as Executive Chef with Hilton Hotel PJ in the year 2009. He has over 13 years of culinary experience, beginning his career at Venice, Italy, & travelling around the globe until he ended here with Hilton Hotel Petaling Jaya 2 years ago.

Dish 1: Amuse Bouche 
- Goose Liver Terrine with Port Wine Reduction -
It's probably too good that words ain't enough to describe. I've had foie gras/goose liver before, but this was just VERY different. To sum it all in 1 word, it'll be "goosey"! Hahaha...according to Chef Vecchiato, the terrine required at least 48 hours of preparation before it could be served perfect; smooth, densed, & extremely flavourful. The balsamic vinegar with rockets complimented the lovely dish very well, giving it a sourish twist to the savoury dish.

Dish 2: Appetizer... "To Begin..."
- Ravioli filled with Alaska Crab in Lobster Bisque -
The lobster bisque was thumbs-up. Teaming both the Alaskan crab with the lobster bisque was a "match made in heaven". The ravioli was served al-dante & the flavourful crab filling just made the dish so pleasing to the palate that you would just want more of this & to have it served as your main dish! Seriously, I haven't had such "expensive" appetizer before & I dare say truthfully that it was good! (I'm not paid/obligated to write good reviews...haha)

Dish 3: Soup "A Few Spoonfuls..."
- Porcini Mushroom & Truffle Soup with Melted Camembert -
I could have more of this...I'm such a pig...ahahaha....the best mushroom soup I've ever had in my life. When I first saw the name of the dish, I was wondering if it's really just a few spoonfuls! Thankfully it wasn't...teehee...I was served a fair amount of thick, silky smooth, yet full of mushroom bits & very fragrant mushroom soup. The melted Camembert just elevated the humble mushroom soup to another level up! Ah....gimme more....

Dish 4: Main Course "Harmoney..."
- Turkey Roulade with Brussels Sprout, Baby Carrots & Rosemary Potatoes -
Turkeys are usually associated with Christmas & a Christmas Eve dinner without turkey would somehow feel "empty"/incomplete. I've always wondered why are turkeys such a popular Christmas dish & walla! I found out some interesting read :D It apparently originated in Mexico! Uncle Chilli's would never allow you to leave their place feeling incomplete this Christmas Eve. With this dinner set, you'll get a colorful dish of nicely arranged turkey roulade, generously stacked on top of rosemary potatoes...oolala. You'll also get some fresh Brussels sprouts & baby carrots to go with your dish. As the dish is slightly dry, you could request for more sauce (refillable) :)

Dish 5: Dessert "Lasting Impression..."
- Chocolate Bomb with Wild Berries -
As its name speaks, it's really a bomb. Not just its physical looks, but this is ONE dessert - thumbs up! I also loved the fact that it was decorated with such detail - SO CUTE! You'll get a rich, chocolatey ball with chocolate mousse on top of a chocolate sponge layer. Look forward to a hidden gem inside the chocolate bomb as well! Yums! Once again, it's so good that you'll crave for more. But by the time I had this dessert, I was already feeling quite full *surprise* 

Talk about feeling full in a fine dining course - it's almost impossible, but here at Uncle Chilli's, you can look forward to a satisfying fancy meal at an affordable price for the quality that you get!

We also had the opportunity to sample some of Uncle Chilli's best seller mocktails:

Walking Stick
- Strawberry purée, apply juice, cranberry juice, lime juice -
Refreshing drink :)

Aunty Special
- Ground ginger, ginger ale, whipping cream, grenadine syrup, & strawberry purée -
If you're a fan of ginger & some "spicy" like drink, this would do great for you. 

I would think that RM120.00++/person sounds like a really expensive meal, but at a hotel environment with such worthy-of-compliment food & awesome presentation, it would be worth your every penny :) For something different this Christmas Eve, why not give Uncle Chilli's a try? Do make a reservation to avoid disappointment!

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Have a Blessed Christmas 2011 from PerutBesi!

Uncle Chilli’s Restaurant
Hilton Petaling Jaya
No. 2 Jalan Barat
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: (+603) 7955 9122 ext 4063
URL: www.zestpj.com

Presentation: * * * *
Price: * * *
Environment: * * * 1/2
Taste: * * * *
Service: * * * 1/2


The place where "U" belong - Uncle Chilli's,


ZestPJ December 21, 2011 at 10:07 AM  

It's my pleasure to celebrate early Christmas with you too :)

Thanks for your compliment and glad that you enjoyed the wholesome meal, particularly the Ravioli and Mushroom Soup.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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