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Best & Cheapest Dim Sum (in Kuantan & possibly PJ/KL)

>> Friday, November 25, 2011

Venue: Seng Kong Coffeeshop, Lorong Kubang Buaya 6
Overall comment: "Power" dim sum at a small, simple coffeeshop - my personal opinion is that they have the best stuffed brinjal dim sum EVER, not only in Kuantan, but also in PJ/KL! Why? It's not pure fish paste...delicious well-marinated minced pork!
Halal: No

Seng Kong's is a coffeeshop in its own land. So if you're coming from Pantai Selamat on your right, once you turn left, you'll see Seng Kong on your right not too far from the junction that you turned in. It's somewhat opposite Croc Deli (or what's the cafe's name....it's opened by Crocodile Rock Restaurant/Bistro).

Each time I'm back in Kuantan, I will surely want to sink my teeth into the dim sum at Seng Kong, especially the stuffed brinjal ("yong ai gua"). I could eat at least 2 plates of brinjals although it's said to be not very good for healthy if we over-eat - creates wind in stomach & affects the eye sight.

This coffeeshop isn't a dim sum place, but it just happen to have good dim sum in their "pau" trays...haha. The coffeeshop offers good assam laksa & other variety of noodles i.e. fish ball noodles & wan tan mee as well. So if you're not interested in having steamed dim sum, "pau", "lo mai kai", or even "bak chang" (triangle dumpling with meat), the assam laksa is quite nice ;)

Here are some of my usuals (I didn't take any photo of the dumpling)

Stuffed brinjal (RM3.00/plate)
Just check it out...generous minced pork stuffing in the brinjal pieces. Juicy, bursting-in-flavours "yong ai gua"...really "mou tak deng"!

Beancurd Sheets Roll/"Fu Chok Kuen" (RM2.20/plate)
Not the best, but I still enjoy it. One of my all-time favourites. Juicy & meaty fish paste wrapped with soft & thin "fu chok" - steamed to perfection.

Fish Paste with Black Mushrooms & Beancurd Sheets (RM2.20/plate)
It's my 1st time having this. Nothing very fantastic, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. I think you'll enjoy most food when you're happy, eh? Hahaha...I'm happy to be at Ah Soon's each time :D

"Loh Mai Kai" (approx RM2.50/bowl)
I can't recall the price, but this piping hot, soft (and sticky!!) glutinous rice dish with chicken, mushrooms & char siew is delicious! Unlike the horrible "sticky rice" at Rak Thai...oh, what a far cry! Their "bak chang"/triangle meat dumpling is also very tasty. Oh, comfort food. I really appreciate the simplicity of the lifestyle here in Kuantan - simple & good food at a decent coffeeshop :)

If you have not tried this before, you have to pop by at least once :) Locals know this place well, so it's tourists who aren't aware that there's a hidden gem in this housing area! If you don't try comparing "chicken & duck", you'll find the dim sum here very satisfying :)

Map to Seng Kong (sorry I forgot to take a photo of the coffeeshop)

View PerutBesi in a larger map

p/s: The owner of this coffeeshop is quite entertaining. When he calculates your food prices, he's like some "machak" who counts really fast! You can't really catch what he's counting, but it's accurate!

Presentation: * * * *
Price: * * *
Environment: * * * 1/2
Taste: * * * 1/2
Service: * * * 1/2


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