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Trip to Hatyai,Oct 2011 - Food in Hatyai (Part 2 of 2)

>> Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Venue: BKT stall on Thanon Nipatuthit 3 Road, same road as Haytai Central Hotel
Overall comment: Generous portion of BKT with slightly different soup compared to Klang's BKT - not so herbal, but has more spices like the star anis. Price is also acceptable (around RM10-RM15/person) for the portion & taste served :)
Halal: No

I only had 1.5 days of eating in Hatyai, so my family had to be very selective with what we want to do/eat. The bus leaves Hatyai at 9:30a.m. Malaysian time, which is VERY early to do any last minute shopping. So, we planned for a good & quick breakfast & a short walk at the nearby market.

For our final meal at Hatyai, we've decided to have "bak kut teh ala Thai-Chinese" at my uncle's friend's stall. Thankfully, it was also near our hotel! *woots*

As I don't have the name of the coffeeshop (shops opposite Hatyai Central on the same road), if you're interested to try this place out as well, you'll have to look out for the stall itself:

The uncle is quite strange. He doesn't want you to order him to give you what you prefer; all you need to tell him is the number of people eating & whether you want the "yau zhar kwai" or not. After that, he will send bowls of BKT to your table.

Clockwise from top left: 1. The BKT stall, 2. The BKT uncle busy preparing bowls of BKT for his patrons, 3. The breakfast crowd around 7:30a.m. Malaysian time i.e. Hatyai's 6:30a.m.!

Everything's pretty much ready-to-be-served here at this BKT stall. Just tell the uncle if you want plain meat/mix & he'll send it to your table.

Boiling pot of BKT soup with LOADS of garlic!

Little "yau zhar kwai", pig's intestines, & pig's stomach

Strange paste
I found out that these strange dips are actually kaya for the "yau zhar kwai". SO WEIRD! Savoury BKT with sweet "yau zhar kwai"?? Interestingly, I think you've to inform the uncle if you want these 'cause we didn't get even 1 plate of kaya...hahaha....

My bowl of BKT
Wholesome goodness - a lovely porkilicious breakfast (a rather heavy one as well) to end my trip in Hatyai on a foodilicious note :D Throw Mr High-Cholesterol outta da window while you dig in!

Mini "yau zhar kwai" to go with the BKT soup

This is REAL Thai-white chicken
The one that we had one day 1 was really bad compared to this. You'll find a chicken rice stall at the same coffeeshop selling delicious & smooth "pak cham kai". Yums!

Roast pork
This wasn't too bad either, but somehow we've eaten much better ones back in Malaysia ;)

Map to the BKT stall
View PerutBesi in a larger map

Ah, what a trip. I wish we had more time here to explore the various food & trends in Hatyai. I've one more last post coming up on Hatyai :) Stay tuned with PerutBesi!

I LOVE BKT - Go to Hatyai also must eat BKT!


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