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Family trip to Kuantan (Sg. Lembing & Sg. Pandan Waterfalls)

>> Monday, June 13, 2011

There isn't very much to do in Kuantan except for nature-activities (unless you just want to stay in the city & shop just like in KL). My family was all geared-up for a weekend filled with activities to keep them occupied. We started our fun-filled Saturday with a simple breakfast at this cafe near the Teluk Cempedak beach. We wanted to head there for the roti canai, which was said to be one of the best, but they weren't ready with roti canai before 9a.m.! How unfortunate :( We ended up eating some packets of nasi lemak instead.

Nasi Lemak Sambal Kerang (RM2.00/packet)
Thank goodness it didn't taste bad, but of course, nasi lemak Zaman still tastes better. The rice is more fragrant than this one :) Zaman may not be the best as some have said, but you can't deny that it is actually good.

Our 1st destination for that Saturday was to Sungai Lembing (since my family hasn't been there before). This small township has been around for ages, since the tin-mining era. It has been through much development since my first time there in the year 2004, but the town still has a 1940s feel, which I love. Peaceful, friendly villagers, & actually self-sufficient on its own :)

I brought my family across the Lembing river to the other side of the village through some suspension bridge (p/s: there are at least 5 of such bridges). Such bridges pave the way for motorcyclists to cross from one side to the other side of the river. The market & shops are all located at one side of the river, while houses & small businesses are located at the other side of the river.

Astro & Air-Conditioner!
I don't even have these in my house!! Oh, the luxury in this village...some of the villagers drive expensive cars as well...

"Wild Lychee"?
My mum calls it "ho mou lai chee", but it doesn't look anything like a lychee to me :S It's some sort of fruit for all I know...ahahahaa...

Pretty Pink Roses from Someone's Garden

If you actually intend to hike up the Panorama Hill early in the morning or visit the Rainbow Waterfall, you could opt to stay over at the Sungai Lembing village for a night or two before heading to your destination. This is one of the many home-stays that we came across that day...

Sungai Lembing's Noodle Factory (RM4.00/packet of noodles)
This village is well-known for its noodles & fish paste stuffed into beancurd/vegetables (yong taufu). We were walking in the village when we came across this noodle factory. I was quite intrigued by how the locals made their noodles in this small shop cum factory!

Place the dough into the machine

The flatten dough is then stacked up like "sheets of dough"

After processing, the noodles are pre-cooked in boiling water (and it's charcoal flame!)

Home-made cookies outside the factory (RM3.50/packet or RM10.00/3 packets)
My mum bought 3 packets of cookies. Kinda nice. I wonder if it's the left-over flattened dough that they fried it to sell as cookies!

Enjoying a cup of ice-cool home-boiled sugarcane with barley drink (RM1.00/cup)
It was really refreshing to have this drink on a hot/warm day while walking in the village.

Even the dogs here are so relaxed in this peaceful village

We also stopped by the Sungai Lembing Museum for a short tour. Admission is free, so make a visit when you're at Sungai Lembing. You'll get to see the tools used for tin-mining in the olden days, as well as appliances used by the British & locals years back. It's very educational, especially for the younger generation who are so used to seeing things as they are today.

How times have changed, eh? This looks more like a type-writter than a calculator that we now know.

I've never seen this before & have never used it as well :P It's like a telephone of the olden days except that there's no phone! Hahaha...

Our 2nd destination after Sungai Lembing was to the Sungai Pandan Waterfalls around 10-15minutes away. It's on the way back to town, so it's almost like a MUST to stop by for a refreshing dip in the waterfalls before you head back to "civilization" ;) Don't worry about changing rooms/areas & toilets. You've to pay a conservation fee of RM2.00/person when you enter, so they'll have to provide us with toilets/bathrooms/changing rooms!

Ants Greeting Each Other/Fighting?
We saw these huge "jungle ants" on our way up to the waterfalls.

Hiking to the waterfalls
Make sure you wear comfortable footwear. Slippers would do, but ensure that the sole aren't "bald"! There are no stairs/steps - just natural tree roots & soil.

All for the photo :D
My family before we got wet (except for Aaron who went straight into the water when we arrived...hahaha)

The waterfall
It wasn't sunny/hot that day, so the water was quite cool! *bbrrrr* I was shivering when my legs touched the waters, but after a while, it feels fantastic!

Play Time!

We ended our "day" with the much-loved nasi kukus at Warong Mazenah, along Jalan Beserah. I'm not sure if it's the best nasi kukus in Kuantan, but it sure tastes good!

Nasi Kukus + Ayam Goreng Berempah (RM6.50/serving)
I've blogged about this place before the last time, so do check it out on the previous post.

We had loads of fun & food. The whole afternoon was spent on rest & washing the car! Hahaha...my dad & I had a father-daughter car washing time, while my mum & aunty Angie had some catch-up session over coffee. My sister just zonked to sleep :P It was a great day & no doubts, my family enjoyed themselves very much!

Up next, dinner at Bayleaf Restaurant 'cause our initial plan for dinner at Satay Zul didn't work out :( That satay restaurant was packed to the brim & over-flowing as well! Too many people were waiting outside & we were just too hungry & unbothered to wait :P

Stay tuned with PerutBesi!


etan June 23, 2011 at 4:42 PM  

The "hou mo lai chee" is called custard apple in English & Buah Nona in Malay.

PerutBesi June 23, 2011 at 8:17 PM  

@etan: I don't think it's custard apple cos I've eaten custard apple before...It looks more like a soursop kinda fruit :P

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