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Tawau Seafood Restaurant

>> Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Venue: Tawau Seafood Restaurant, Bandar Fajar, Tawau
Overall comment: Pretty good Chinese-style cooked seafood meal at a reasonable price (Noi's dad treated us to dinner). This place is usually packed during peak hours i.e. 7p.m. onwards.
Halal: Yes

I didn't really do much research prior to flying to Tawau; didn't know what's good to eat here, nor what's there to do in Tawau town itself! What a shame. It's unlike me to not find out about a place before heading there, but it seems like I made it through this time, even without knowing much about Tawau...all thanks to Noi, my uni-classmate back at UMP :)

We only spent a night at Tawau town after our Mabul/Sipadan trip. It was not-too-bad a decision, really. Haha. At least we got a feel of how Tawau is like & how's the lifestyle here. One night is all we need. There's really nothing much to do here!

Shops close as early as 5pm-7pm, that by 7pm, the entire town is quiet & dark. It was quite unbelievable. Even Kuantan isn't this 'dead' at night! In fact, Kuantan is quite happening at night...hahaha.

Anyways, we had an early dinner around 5:30pm with Noi & her dad, who treated us to a sumptuous seafood dinner at the Tawau Seafood Restaurant near our hotel i.e. Grace Hotel. This restaurant is not too far from the main road, Jalan Chester, but you'll certainly be better off having a car to drive to the restaurant.

The restaurant is spacious & is said to be usually packed after 7pm. Although shops & businesses in Tawau closes quite early, people in Tawau don't eat that early after all.

Here's what we ordered. I was more than satisfied with the dishes & presentation. It would be better if I got to know the price (so that I can share with all of you!), but it wasn't very polite to ask uncle since he treated us to the "welcome-to-Tawau dinner"....hahaha....THANK YOU, UNCLE!

Thai-Style Fern Leaves ("Paku Pakis") with Jelly Fish - cold dish
This is a very appetizing & interesting dish. The veggie is still quite crunchy & is drizzled with a sourish sauce (has lime juice, I'm quite sure). It is accompanied by strips of jellyfish, fried dried shrimps, onions, chilli, & tomatoes. Yums!

Stir-Fried "Sapak"/'Hard-Shell Clams" with Ginger & Spring Onions
Fresh, tasty & fragrant...I'm not sure if I could actually call the clams as 'succulent' as well...*nom nom nom*

Deep-Fried Mantis Prawns
*crunch!* VERY crispy, but lacks meat/flesh! Hahaha....we should have ordered soft shell crabs instead....but on the overall, this is actually quite a delicious dish. I would recommend this if you're okay with eating mantis prawns (cos some people just don't know how to eat this creature & have no knowledge of what it is!)

Deep-Fried Red Snapper with Thai-Style Mango Sauce
Another appetizing dish. The fish was fresh & "meaty", & it went very well with the tangy, sweet & sour sauce.

PerutBesi & Noi

It was a good & satisfying meal. We were so full that we could hardly move. Right after dinner, we went back to rest before walking out to the nearby cinema for a movie. What else is there to do at Tawau? Having a cinema there is already a big surprise! :D Since the town is so quiet at night, after the movie, it was time to rest already. We flew back to KL the next day, feeling utterly nostalgic & missing Mabul/Sipadan so, very much.

The 5-days holiday seems like some distant dream that came true & left us with just a pleasant memory....*ahhh....*

More info & map: Click Here

Presentation: * * * *
Price: * * *
Environment: * * * 1/2
Taste: * * * 1/2
Service: * * * 1/2


I miss my holiday at Tawau/Mabul/Sipadan,


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