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Stingray Reef & SWV's House Reef

>> Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The 1st trip for day 2 at the Sipadan Water Village (SWV) was to the Stingray Reef, about 5 minutes boat-ride away from the resort.

It wasn't very sunny, nor was it raining - lovely weather for snorkeling & diving :)

Sea Urchins & a school of fishes!

More fishes, of which I don't know their names :( I call them the zebra-fish...

Blue starfish! :D

The weather was so lovely in the mid-morning that the sea was in shades of blue-green...

Chocolate-chip starfish :)

I managed to catch a photo of 2 children (locals living in a village on the Mabul island) in a boat near the chalet

Pretty corals

One that looked like a brain :S

It's supposed to be Stingray Reef, but I didn't get to see any stingrays :( Apparently, the stingrays were deeper under the sea....


Parrot fish

Some fish that has half its body in red & the other half, black & white

The "Needle Fish"

I saw a squid swimming near the chalet!! :D

*squeals with delight* Fishies!

You don't really need to get into the water to see these...hahaha...fishes & corals were everywhere around the resort! Ah...I'm SO enjoying my time at the SWV :D Tomorrow's Sipadan!!

Stay tuned!

From Mabul Island,


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