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Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner 2011

>> Thursday, February 3, 2011

Venue: Family house
Occasion: Chinese New Year Eve dinner
Overall comment: So much food, not enough people to eat them all up! Hahaha...
Halal: No :P

Once again, it's the eve of Chinese New Year 2011. The year of the Tiger is coming to an end...its roar shall slowly fade as the bunny hops its way into the new year! Wheee....

The Rabbits at my uncle's house welcoming the new year :D

My sister's bunny, all ready for the Chinese New Year!

One very common Chinese New Year flower..."Mui Fa"/Pussy Willows
My uncle's Pussy Willow seems to bloom very beautifully :) So cute....heh...

2nd February marked the eve of the Chinese New Year 2011. My family gathered at my uncle's house (family house) for the annual family dinner - "tin nin fan". As always, we have around 8-10 dishes...ABUNDANCE! We needed more people to help us finish up the food...Suk Leng, Aaron, Moses, Uncle Mike, Aunty Janet, Elaine, Dave, Steph, Richard, Raymond, Loretta, Ivan...those who are out of the country...! We missed you all at the dinner!!

New Formosa Restaurant's Taiwanese Sichuan's Crispy Duck with Plum Sauce ("Heong Sou Chui Pei Ngap")
This duck dish tastes really good...unfortunately, by the time we brought it home, the skin wasn't crispy anymore, but the taste was surely power-packed...slightly on the salty side, but very fragrant! The texture of the meat felt like a smoked duck's & it was nicely complimented with the plum sauce ;) Yums...

Aunty Anne's Fried Chicken
Marinated with ketumbar & kunyit, this fried chicken will go so well with nasi lemak!! Aunty Anne, you can start a food business soon d :D

Stir-Fried Broccoli with Peppers & Prawns
This is the most colorful dish for the night...makes the humble vegetable dish looks more appetizing *slurps*

Dad's Curry Vegetable
Yums! It was slightly too spicy though...hahaha...

 Dad deep frying the fish...
Over charcoal flame!! Fuyoh!

The yummilicious fish...Red Snapper

Stir-Fried Cucumbers with Vinegar, Chicken Gizzard, & Liver

The end result :)
I rarely see this dish elsewhere. It's like my family's specialty!

Aunty Jenny's Braised Pork Ribs with Yam
This is something new for our annual CNY Eve dinner...it was delicious! The yam was so "powderish" that it has melted over the pork ribs, which were braised 'til tender. It's like pork ribs in cream of yam :D 

Aunty Mary's Braised Mixed Mushrooms with Fish Maw & Scallops
Oh, this was yet another lip-smacking dish...the sweetness of the scallops in gravy, soaked up by the mushrooms...oolala...

The Dinner Spread...*drools*
Traditional, eh? Meja pun nampak tradisional...hahaha...

We had SO much to eat!! There was enough to feed another table of 5-8 persons! Home-cooked food is good...oh, glorious food...what a wonderful way to end the Year of the Tiger ;)

Preparing for CNY Day 1's Vegetarian Dish - Peeling Gingko
It's part of the family's tradition to have a vegetarian dish for the first day of CNY. We usually gather for breakfast together :)

Check out the load of cookies in the store! Hohoho...YUMS! :P

There's more at the other corner....fwah!
Ready to be opened & eaten i the next few days...nyek nyek...

The Rabbit Year is heeeeerrrreeee!!! *yippeee!*

The happy bunny,


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