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Chinese New Year 2011 - Day 1

>> Saturday, February 5, 2011

The first 15 days of Chinese New Year is a period of time where most family & friends would take the opportunity to gather & have a meal or two together. My own family will usually have a simple "tea ceremony" (on Day 1) where my sister & I extend our well wishes to our parents for the new year before spending time with the rest of our family members.

The simple "tea ceremony" at home

Family photo with our new house pet, Kiki, the black bunny :)
Kiki's so black that you can hardly see her in this photo...ahahaha...

As per every year, my family's 1st day of CNY is spent at the family house, where all of us will gather for a vegetarian breakfast. This has become a family tradition for as long as I know, & I have always looked forward to dishing into the "Wong's special vegetarian dish" :)

Somehow, no where else offers such a delightful & tasty vegetarian dish! Indeed, home-cooked food deserves THUMBS UP! I love the variety of Chinese cabbage, assorted mushrooms, deep-fried glass noodles, "fatt choy" (black strands), "fu chok", sweet "fu chok", ginkgo, oriental lily bulbs, black fungus, "min kan", "taufu pok", & chili (optional), cooked together in the preserved beancurd sauce ("fu yue") *drools*

The Wong's special vegetarian dish

My family enjoying breakfast together :)

Family photo! (those who were around for breakfast)

It is also part of the family's tradition to go visiting right after breakfast. Once again, as per every year, our 1st (and only) house to visit is our grandaunt's house...hahaha...we used to have another relative to visit, but she has passed away several years ago. As the years go by, the current generations have actually lesser people to visit *sigh* Anyways, at our grandaunt's house, she never fails to prepare her home-made prawn keropok & an assortment of cookies. I know that all of the Wongs look forward to indulging into her crispy prawn keropok every year! :D (unfortunately, I don't have any photos of the lovely keropok!)

I also managed to pop-by my close friend's house for a mini gathering & lunch :) Ah, it's an achievement for me...ahahaha...

Firecrackers at the Lee's residence :D Woohoo!

High-school close friends...love you both! :D
I look so short & kiddo compared to them =.=" cis...

Day 1 of this Chinese New Year was surely a LONG one...after dinner with another uncle, we visited my aunt & had much fun playing pop-pops, sparklers, & oh, I had my treasure trove of cookies!! *yum yum!*

My happy nephew :D So cutie...

Big kiddos playing sparklers :P

It was a lovely CNY Day 1, no doubt :) Day 2 coming up soon!

How are you enjoying your Chinese New Year so far? :)

The "happy bunny",


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