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Yummy Malacca Cendol

>> Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jeremiah School 2011 is currently on pause-mode for the CNY break. But as for yours truly, I've somewhat completed my term at the school (starting work on the 7th of Feb already)...the rest of the students & mentors will be resuming school on the 9th of Feb 'til the end of February. I will only be joining them on the weekends when they go church-visiting :)

I'm truly blessed to be part of the team for this year's Jeremiah School. Truly, all glory be to God :) I will really miss the youths & the lovely view at Golden Sands Baptist Assembly, Port Dickson!

Jeremiah School 2011 Students

Beautiful sunset at the beach

And awesome sun rays bursting through the clouds! Glorious!!

Without a doubt, there were opportunities for yummy food along the way as well!! :D

Venue: Jetta Groves, Malacca Raya area
Overall comment: Thumbs up for the cendol! Satisfied :D

One of the Malacca Wesley young adults recommended Jeta Groves' cendol as one of the better ones around town. As we were craving for some good cendol with fragrant gula Melaka, we just took our chances to try this place out.

On the outside, this place certainly didn't look very impressive. However, for such a small shop, it actually offers quite a variety of food! They're quite well known for their cendol, mee siam, rojak, nasi lemak, & the nyonya kuih.

The lovely cendol (RM2.50 for the usual/"biasa" bowl of cendol)
Certainly no regrets on tasting this cendol :) I enjoyed the thick & fragrant gula Melaka on the ice shavings, accompanied by the "fat" green cendol, which were not too soft! *drools* I just didn't fancy the overload of coconut milk on my cendol...hahaha...SO fattening :P Imagine my sugar-level + cholesterol level all shooting up! Woohoo!! I want another bowl! *grins*

Map to Jeta Groves cendol

View PerutBesi in a larger map

I've more food posts to come! Stay tuned with PerutBesi, for this blog shall be revived!! *woots!!*

Restoran Jeta Groves
115, Taman Melaka Raya
75000 Melaka
Tel: (+606) 282 1526
H/P: (+6013) 626 5922
Business hours: 7:30a.m. - 4:00p.m. (Tuesday - Sunday); closed on Mondays
Note: Walking distance from Dataran Pahlawan

Presentation: * * * 1/2
Price: * * * 1/2
Environment: * * *
Taste: * * * 1/2
Service: * * * 1/2



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