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Sneak Preview into Jeremiah School 2011 - My Adventure

>> Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm back for a 1-day break from Jeremiah School (JS)! It's not my official off-day, but I requested to leave the school to attend my job interview back in PJ. The school is conducted at Golden Sands Baptist Assembly Centre at Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson, a relatively comfortable place to live for the duration of the school i.e. 6 weeks.

There are 20 students this year & it's like an adventure for me to be there as one of their mentors. Even though it's just week 1 of school, I felt that I have learned much & I'm actually quite excited for the weeks to come (what more the students themselves)! The students attend classes, worship, & have team building times together, as well as live as a community for 6 weeks of their lives :)

Here's a sneak preview to Jeremiah School 2011:

Expressing Emotions & Experiences through Drawing (Students')

Expressing Emotions & Experiences through Drawing (Mentors')

Everyone have to HAND-wash their own clothes!

Evenings at Golden Sands Baptist Assembly Centre, Port Dickson

I'll be back at JS tomorrow, where they'll be visiting Beautiful Gates, Seremban & 2 Methodist churches in Seremban as well (Seremban Wesley & Taman Ujong Methodist Church)! I hope to get some food photos up in my next post!!

Stay tuned with PerutBesi & have a great January 2011!

In for an adventure with God,


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