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Solo Travel Part 7 - Penang (Day 2)

>> Saturday, November 27, 2010

My 2nd day in Penang didn't kick-off as yummy as I hoped it to be :( I unfortunately had the worse char kuey teow ever in my life!! Can you believe it? Penang + BAD char kuey teow?? Quite impossible, right? If the PerutBesi says it's bad, it is realllllllly bad :S This is the result of not doing my homework before I set off for my solo trip. I relied VERY much on my friends to bring me around & introduce me to the load of good food!

KK & I went to Lorong Selamat for breakfast. He's not from Penang (my schoolmate back in PJ!), so I won't expect him to be an expert with Penang food....hahaha...

Since the char kuey teow stall is not opened yet, we ended up at the coffeeshop next door for some fried oysters ("or chein"). It's not the best "or chien", but it's good enough to be finished up. The cendol made me cry though :( Not nice! *boohoohoo*

The ONLY cendol in Lorong Selamat
I was tricked. It didn't claim itself as the best. Sigh. KK said the ice-kacang was not too bad, but I decided to go for the cendol instead & oh, it was such a disappointment. I can't believe that there's "eeeuuuww" food in Penang! *wergh*

Looks ok, but erm...I MISS MALACCA....(RM2.50/bowl of cendol)
I'm all the way up north, but heck, Malacca's cendol rocks!!

Fried Oysters from Chuan Kee coffeeshop @ Lorong Selamat (RM8.00/medium)

This was the so-called famous char kuey teow place - DISAPPOINTMENT!
I didn't know that most people have boycotted this stall 'til I met my Penang friends after this horrible breakfast...sigh...I must remember to do my home-work!

Penang Lo Bak
KK's crazy about Lo Bak. He orders lo bak wherever he goes in Penang! :S

Horrible-Morrible Char Kuey Teow (RM7.00/plate)
Can you believe it? RM7.00 for a plate of lousy fried kuey teow? What is so nice about it?? Some people have complained that the lady who fries the noodles is very rude, but I didn't order, thus I didn't realize. KK brought me there cos it was "well-known" & that's about it. I won't go back to this stall again...sigh...mine was too salty & er...'nuff said. I might get sued for this post! :P It must be a bad day for the lady or for the PerutBesi!

Thankfully, the evening made up for all the bad food that I had during breakfast. I had a restaurant review for lunch, which I will post it up later. I was munching here & there & was really stuffed!! Believe it or not, after that heavy "lunch", I had dinner! *faints*

You must try this place though. Moo Kata @ Lorong Burma beside the Siamese Temple!

Note: Non-Halal

Moo Kata
Simple place for good Thai steamboat + BBQ :) Lovely!!

Lemongrass Drink (RM1.00/glass)
This is their house specialty. It's the common Thai lemongrass drink, a very refreshing drink to go with the sizzling hot & "heaty" barbecue ;)

Moo Kata's Special Chilli Dip
It's pretty spicy & slightly sweet. I actually prefer to have my food by itself since the chilli dips will over-power the natural taste of the food :)

Ingredients for the steamboat/BBQ (RM25.00/set for 2-3 persons)
I thought the price was very reasonable. We wanted to order their delicious "snacks", so we decided to order the smaller portion of steamboat/BBQ stuff.  It was a GREAT decision made! :D

Pork Lard as the Source of Oil
Sizzling hot goodness on the top, flowing into the soup! Oooo....yums!

Must try: Nine-Flavour Fish  (RM20.00/serving)
Seabass is used as the fish for frying. The dressing is the chef's specialty of spicy, salty, sweet, & sour taste, all in 1 dish! You'll find peanuts, chilli, garlic, ginger, spring onions, parsley, & Romaine leaves with the fried fish fillet. Words just don't suffice in telling you how yummy this dish is :)

Pork Salad (RM12.00/serving)
Another one of our favourites. If you're a pork-lover, this is a must for you. It tastes quite similar to the fish dish, but it's the yummilicious pork!

Thai Dessert: Tab Tim Koob (RM2.00/cup)
Water chestnut wrapped in red rubbies + jackfruit + sweet coconut milk. It's fragrant, "crispy" - water chestnut, & not too sweet! I loved it...

Deep-Fried Garlic Chicken Wings (RM6.00/serving)
You MUST NOT leave this place without trying their fried chicken. This was the BEST fried chicken that I have ever tasted. I loved the fragrance of the fried wings + the crispy-ness! The chef used 3 types of flour for the batter & he only marinates the wings for 2 hours (not more, not less). It's a revolutionary deep-fried chicken wings!

The Damage - Not THAT much! :)

Stay tuned for posts on Kampar & Ipoh!!



Chong November 29, 2010 at 3:32 PM  

Gonna go to Penang for holiday/makan trip soon. Hehe. The CKT really that bad, huh? I guess I've to look for other CKT stalls then. Any recommendation?

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