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Solo Travel Part 6 - Penang (Day 1)

>> Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm finally back from my trip!! Sorry for the delay in updates. I didn't have the internet access & I was busy with job applications! Anyway, here's more on my solo trip for all my readers out there ;) Enjoy!

Penang, Malaysia's "land of good food up north"!

I felt that I did more than I have expected myself to do during the short trip up here. Firstly, I had a good catch up with my best friend, GN, who happened to be here to visit her sister. Then, I also had a much-awaited catch up with my high school friend, KK 'til the wee hours of the morning. I had lovely food & not-so-lovely food as well...and the bonus, I met up with a great bunch of Penang food bloggers for a restaurant review! *fwah* Syiok ar!

On the Penang bridge

Yam Cake at New World Park
This was my 1st meal. I followed 2 friends up north as they had to be in Penang for a function. Since they stayed at Tune Hotel, I thought some yummy yam cake would start-off my eating adventure in Penang!

The Yam Cake Stall

Yam Cake @ New World Park (RM1.00/piece)
What's so good about this yam cake is basically the toppings. I've had better yam cakes back here in PJ, specifically Subang SS19 :P The fried dried shrimps + fried shallots generously topped onto the yam cake makes the yam cake extra fragrant :) Try it & you'll know what I mean. I won't say that this is the best yam cake, but it is pretty good!

Yam Cake @ New World Park
Jalan Burma
George Town, Penang
GPS: N05 25.293' E100 19.611'
Note: Beside Tune Hotel, Penang

I basically didn't do much on my 1st day in Penang. KK brought me over to Sunset Bistro to catch the sunset in the evening. He knew I'm quite a fan of such natural beauty, so lazing at the beach with some drinks & a pizza sure suits well for a relaxing holiday!

Sunset Bistro @ Batu Ferringhi
As its name speaks, this is a place for some drinks & snacks. They have a small variety of western food too...

Soaking in the sun...or what's left of it...

Mojito & Sunset Delight Pizza (RM11.90/pizza)
I'm not a great fan of Mojito, but since KK ordered for me, I just gulped it down slowly...the pizza's nothing to shout about. Not the best, for sure!

Thus concludes my 1st day in Penang...no doubts, more food to come! It's Penang wei...

CHIAK!! (Hokkien for 'eat')

The Ruthless Eater,


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