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Dumpling Festival 2010

>> Friday, July 2, 2010

Venue: Family house
Occasion: Chinese Dumpling/Dragon-Boat Festival

HELLO EVERYONE!!! *waves hands in the air*

How's everyone doing? I sure hope all are doing great! Apologies for slacking in posting blog posts (again).

Here's a quick blog post since I haven't been able to blog for quite some time (no internet in the Cyberjaya house & in my own house as well...plus no time to bother driving all the way out for internet line at some hotspot area *sobs*). I've been caught up with work assignments to rush, documents to hand up, appraisals to complete, trainings to attend, & I had to give training 2 days ago as well *faints* Today's another day of tools-training, so I better share something with you before more work kicks in!

Thanks to my friends, I could stay a night in their house & use their internet! You know who you are ;) *hugs!*

About 2 weeks ago, my family gathered for the Dumpling Festival dinner. We don't really celebrate the festival, but festivals are times to just gather, enjoy the good food, & fellowship with each other.

It was pot-luck style that night, so each family is to cook a dish & here are the lovely dishes from each household!

"Yam Abacus" ("Shun Poon Zi" in Cantonese) by my mum
This dish is traditionally a Hakka dish. It's actually yam + flour, rolled into little balls that resemble the abacus, and stir fried with minced meat, Chinese black mushrooms, & sweet-preserved radish/"choy pou" in Cantonese. Yummy :)

Prawn & Cabbage Curry by aunty CT
Slightly spicy, slightly sweet (thanks to the prawns & cabbage) - lovely when it's eaten with rice!
Home-Made Stuffed Beancurd, Brinjals, Chilli a.k.a. "Yong Tau Foo" by aunty Anne
Nothing's better than home-made "Yong Tau Foo"...the flavour of the bean paste gravy was very delicious :)
Stir-Fried Brocolli with Carrots, Capsicums, & Mushrooms by aunty Anne
It's always good to have some veggie dish for dinner!
Lotus Root with Lemon Juice, Vinegar, & Sugar by aunty Anne
This was a trial & error recipe that my aunt picked up from some well-known chef. Not too bad...it's rather appetizing :)
Stir-Fried Turnip with Parsley, Dried Shrimp, & Mushrooms by aunty Anne
This is a rather light dish, where you can just wrap the turnip dish with the lettuce leaf & crunch away! *yums*

Braised Chinese Black Mushrooms with Scallops by aunty Anne
Simple & tenderlicious braised mushrooms; great to go with noodles, rice, or even eaten on its own :)

Roast Duck from Loong Foong bought by aunty Irene
One of the best roast ducks in Petaling Jaya. You may have to pre-order or else you'll have to wait in line to be served!

Chicken Feet Kerabu by aunty Mary
Syiok! It's been SO long since I had this...it may be better if it's more sour! Hahaha...

Curry Chicken by aunty Nga
Truly Malaysian ;) This dish was very popular & so was the baguette - snapped up in minutes!

Glutinous Black Rice Dessert by aunty Nga
Smooth, not-too-sweet, & fragrant dessert...I loved it!

Nothing beats home-cooked food, eh? I've more blog posts to come & I'm gonna get it done before I don't have the internet line again!! *sigh...me no likey this*

The Ruthless Eater,
Ruth ;)


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