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Trip to Singapore (March 2010)

>> Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dates: 14 - 17 March 2010
Venue: Singapore
Occasion: Family trip

This is a superbly back-logged post, but I'm not gonna write much in this post. As promised in my recent post on the Vietnamese meal in Singapore, I'll just post up some photos for your enjoyment :) Cheers!

Excited parents...
My dad hasn't been to Sentosa since erm...I was a toddler?? More than 20 years d!

Sisters :)

Family photo in the bus to Sentosa Island

Welcome to Sentosa!
It looked SOOO different since the last time I was there - that's like almost 10 years ago! Yes, I haven't been to Sentosa for THAT long a time...every time I go into Singapore, I never bothered going into this island...

The Extreme Log Ride 3D Experience (S$18.00/person)
Paying for this was crazee, but it was something different to do for the family la...

At Imbiah Beach area

Our tea-time cum early dinner
The food at this stall is pretty good (surprisingly!!) & not too costly as well :) I'm speaking of dollar to dollar, that is.

Pineapple Fried Rice (S$5.50/serving)
Fresh Young Coconut (around S$3.00/coconut)
Fresh Watermelon Juice (S$2.50/cup)
Yummy! Fried rice was fragrant & well-flavoured...it just needs more pineapples! The PerutBesi is utterly surprised that there's actually not-too-bad food in Singapore! The watermelon juice was also not watered down, which was good news :)

Seafood Hor Fun (S$4.50/serving)

Yet another surprise *gasps* I felt like I was still in Malaysia...generous servings of fish slices, squids, prawns, vegetables, & hor fun...the gravy was in abundance as well, to my dad's delight...we whacked up the whole plate sparkling clean! (Yes, we were hungry, but I think I still have a clear conscious of what's good food & what's not!)

Hungry Travelers
I thought this was a very funny photo...just when I wanted to post for this photo, my dad gave that look & my sister snapped the photo to her greatest delight :D

Dad & The "Durian Head"/Esplanade

KFC Breakfast: Honey Scones (around S$1.00/scone)
It's actually quite nice! Not too expensive either :) I wish they had such things in Malaysia....

KFC Breakfast: Original Chicken Wrap (S$3.90/set)
The set comes with a cup of coffee or tea. You may opt for ice lemon tea with just S$0.10 extra, I think.

So-called Green Tea Ice Cream at Ajisen Ramen Japanese Restaurant (S$8.90/serving)
This is a total rip-off. Please, please DO NOT order it...it's just that we wanted to have another place to chill & indulge into some green tea ice cream. Mana tau, this was what we got *urgh*

Fern & I :)
I love my Fernie! Thanks for the great morning together!

I've ONE more post on Singapore coming up next...it's especially on Sentosa's Songs of the Sea show! The show was REALLY lovely :)

Stay tuned with PerutBesi!

The Back-Logger,


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