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A Taste of Penang in Cyberjaya

>> Thursday, April 15, 2010

Venue: Seri Penang Restaurant, Cyberjaya
Occasion: Friday lunch
Overall comment: Expensive Penang food, which I felt wasn't very Penang at all. "Oh, PerutBesi, there's no comparison with the all-time favourite Penang hawker food!"
Halal: Yes

If you want some Nyonya/Chinese food in Cyberjaya, you can head to either Street Mall or the newly opened shops along the Petronas petrol station. It's not the best, but it's edible la...

Seri Penang offers a wide range of Chinese & Nyonya-style food (so-called Penang food). You'll come across rice set meals to ala carte dishes, rice, & noodles. There's also the usual ice desserts famous in Penang, like the cendol & ice kacang. Prices of food are comparable to Penang House's at Street Mall, but I'm not too sure about the taste as I pretty much refuse to step into such places unless I really have no choice. (I don't want to be a 'party pooper' all the time...although I do admit that sometimes prices of food + the quality/taste of the food served do play a great role in influencing me to be a 'party pooper' or a 'party-goer')

A taste above the rest...hmm...
Foodies who tried this place, what do you think?

Curry Mee (RM9.90/serving)
It's not thick enough & the portion is slightly small, but it's not terrible on the overall. I'll rather drive further & pay RM4.00 to eat at some coffeeshop though :P

Fish & Chips (RM13.90/serving)
Looks good :) But there's nothing to shout about in terms of taste & the texture of the batter...presentation is not too bad though ;)

Hainan Roast Chicken Rice (RM10.90/serving)
Eek! I thought to myself that I could eat at least 3 plates of normal chicken rice for the price I'm paying for this...yes, I'm SO stingy & picky in how much I'm willing to pay for the quality of food that I get. It's chicken rice, darlin'! Nothing very spectacular! Nevertheless, parents always thought me to give thanks for the food, so we shall be thankful that the chicken texture was tender & well-flavoured. Nope, I didn't order this :P

Black Pepper Fish with Rice (RM10.90/set)
Looking at the price, you wanna cry, right? The taste is not too bad. The black pepper made the simple fish dish fragrant. Three of us colleagues shared 2 sets of rice...yes, we shared cos it was too expensive to eat one by ourselves! Hahaha...economy crisis la...

Spicy Mango Chicken with Rice (RM10.90/set)
Tangy, slightly spicy, & slightly sweet, it's quite an appetizing chicken dish, but the portion is no doubt not much for the price we paid *sigh* (what more are we asking for??)

Hot Hainan Coffee (RM2.80/cup)
It looks good! My colleague who had it said it tastes pretty nice...not sure what that means...hahaha...better than Old Town Kopitiam, I suppose ;)

The verdict? - OK-lah...so-so...

Restaurants are mushrooming in Cyberjaya. There are more food choices now & certainly price is a great issue. Some restaurants have resulted to lowering their prices and/or coming out with set meals for an affordable price (like RM6.90 for a plate of noodles with a drink). So if you still think that Cyberjaya is a dead town, think twice. It's certainly 'coming to life'! :)

Seri Penang Restaurant
Lot 9, Showroom @ Cyberjaya
63000 Cyberjaya

Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Next to Petronas petrol station


Presentation: * * * 1/2
Price: * * 1/2
Environment: * * *
Taste: * * *
Service: * * * 1/2


- Ruth


Vivien April 16, 2010 at 1:48 PM  

dont like their food either

PerutBesi April 17, 2010 at 4:08 PM  

->Vivien: Hey there, Viv! :) I'm really wondering how long this restaurant will stand...the food isn't good & the price to pay is so high...but then again, it's Cyberjaya...it may still 'live' as long as ppl "don't have much choice"...

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