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Songs of the Sea, Sentosa Island

>> Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Date: 15 March 2010, Monday
Venue: Sentosa Island
Occasion: Family trip

As promised, enjoy some of the sights taken at the Songs of the Sea show!

Sunset at the Songs of the Sea arena
Lovely, isn't it? :) I love nature...God's a great artist!

Waiting for the show to begin...
You've gotta be there earlier (at least 45minutes earlier) to ensure you get the better seats with the best view!

Let the show begin! Enjoy! :D
There's a story behind this...so go watch it yourself to find out!

Pretty, huh? For S$10.00/person/show, you'll get around 30-40minutes of good entertainment. This is one of the most worth-watching shows in Sentosa Island...

If you happen to visit Sentosa Island, remember to get your tickets for this show! You won't be disappointed :)

Sings a happy tune,


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