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Weekend at Hilton Hotel, PJ (Day 2)

>> Saturday, February 13, 2010

Date: 7-8 February 2010, Sunday - Monday
Venue: Hilton Hotel, Petaling Jaya
Occasion: Weekend stay + breakfast for 2 (I won the gift voucher from a contest last year)
Overall comment: It was a blast! The stay was luxurious, the food variety during breakfast was marvelous, & the company of my mum was just lovely :)

It was just unfortunate that I had to work on Monday. My mum has her Monday's off as she works from Tuesdays - Saturdays. I really wished I could just take leave that day just to stay a 'lil longer in the hotel :)

We woke up slightly earlier in the morning for breakfast (since I still had to drive to Cyberjaya for work after breakfast). I targeted to leave the hotel at 8:00a.m. or latest 8:30a.m. for work, but hohoho, I ended up leaving around 9:00a.m. to office! There were so much for breakfast & it's been awhile since I had a buffet breakfast. I sound really "sampat/jakun", right? :P

Complimentary breakfast was at the Paya Serai restaurant. This restaurant offers an extensive variety of food from morning 'til night, catering to people from all walks of life. The restaurant has a 'cafe' design & its ambiance is pretty comfortable.

Paya Serai Restaurant

My mum & I were guided to our table for two. As soon as we got our drinks settled by the friendly waiter & waitresses, we were off to check out the breakfast spread!

The table's layout

I love pastries :) The variety of pastries made my day & confused me as to where I should begin first!

Pastries Galore!

There were 6 major sections in the buffet line: Pastries, Cereal & Fruits, Japanese, Chinese, Malay, & Indian. I thought it was just too good to be true 'cos most of the time, the hotels that I get to stay in don't offer as great a variety as this one.

The Japanese selection

Fruits & Cereal selection

Salad section
I thought the fruits & vegetables were pretty fresh :)

Freshly-cooked omelette section

Chinese selection

I didn't get to take any photos of the Malay & Indian selection :( I was actually stopped by one of the waiters there for taking photos of the food. Bummer. There was no sign saying "No photos allowed" or something like that... *sigh* Oh, well. I did actually continue taking some photos even after being told & quickly adjourned to my table with my food.

You know, I actually felt that I didn't eat a lot for a buffet spread! But I was too full to take anymore already :(

Round 1 - Ruth
Clockwise: Hash brown (it was SO hard), dim sum, selection of cold meat/ham slices, sauteed mushrooms, beef bacon, & cheese sausages

Round 1 - Mum
Salad, Teriyaki chicken wing, cheese sausages, sauteed mushrooms, & hash brown

Round 2 -Omelette
Having this was not a very good idea. Mum & I had ONE each & that ruined our whole appetite! We were SO full after eating this omelette...can you believe it? It's a bomb! :S

Juice Bar
There's a fresh fruits & vegetables juice bar, where you can order your selection of fruit/vegetable juices. They also have pre-juiced juices available. I felt that the juices weren't great at all. They added too much water to the juice, & not forgetting the added syrup too!

My "tailor-made" juice
I requested for carrots + celery + cucumbers & erm, the color was just NOT appetizing. I guess they waited too long to deliver the juice to me, so it has an oxidized color :( Fail.

Cake, Pastries & Muffin
The muffin, though looks like it has mold growing on it, actually tasted nice...hahaha...the banana puff with chocolate dip was 2nd best. The other 2 were nothing to shout about.

Mixture of cereals, oat bran, seeds, & dried apples
I actually enjoy such things, but these were somewhat not crunchy anymore :( SO sad! It went well with the milk though...

Fruits to close
What can I say about fruits? It's fresh, & that's all about it that you'll need to know! Hahaha...

Looking at the amount of food the 2 of us ate, it wasn't THAT much, right?? *sigh* I'm eating lesser now, but I'm still putting on weight (what kind of logic is that??!). I enjoyed my time at Hilton with my mum. It was like some "unforgettable weekend" with my mum :) I'm very thankful to Aaron for the prize won together. Although we couldn't use it together, I'm glad that he was very generous as to allow me to use the voucher however I wanted to. It was my idea to participate in the contest in the first place anyways :)

Ah, when will be my next hotel stay again?

Dreaming of a weekend-getaway,


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