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d'Tandoor Restaurant, Subang Jaya

>> Saturday, February 6, 2010

Date: 29 January 2010, Friday
Venue: d'Tandoor Restaurant, Subang Jaya
Occasion: Lunch with Joram
Overall comment: I'm in love with the food here! (enough to convince? *wink*)
Halal: Yes

Joram is Aaron's best friend (and he became a good friend of mine too!). In a few days from now, he will be migrating to Aussie & this meet-up was somewhat like a farewell lunch. Aaron's working in Kuantan, so I met up with Joram alone for this lovely lunch at d'Tandoor, a highly recommended place by this good friend. I'm very thankful that even though Joram & I don't know each other very well nor have we known for a very long time, it just seems that we bonded almost instantly. Furthermore, my 1st meet-up with him 1.5 years back was a 1-to-1 session (without Aaron) *lol* Awesome-possum :D God bless you, bro!

d'Tandoor is almost like a fine-dining Northern Indian cuisine restaurant, capable of housing a rough estimation of 50 persons at one go. The layout at this restaurant in Subang Jaya (one of the many branches) was neatly designed & the quietness of the restaurant around brunch time was just splendid for a catch-up session with a good friend :) Upon hitting lunch & dinner hours, the restaurant would be patroned by people from all walks of life, mainly working adults.

Unique-shaped cup

Price of the food served is slightly higher than the usual Indian restaurants. Yet I felt that it was worth every cent you're paying for as each dish is unique & nicely flavored with herbs & spices. The spices do not over-power the dishes, instead, it enhances the flavor of the overall dish :) If you're a lover of Indian food, especially Northern Indian cuisine, come over to d'Tandoor. The owners of this place, Amir & Omar (both brothers) plus their staffs are very friendly & helpful people. I'll give thumbs up for the service there :) Oh ya, d'Tandoor caters for buffet catering as well!

Complimentary papadam with mint+herbs dip
[Ruth] The dip is really awesome :P It's made from yogurt, mint, & herbs. I found it so strange to have papadam dipping into some sauce, but this one's good!

We found out just on that day itself that there is a buffet line during lunch hour for those who would love to try out different dishes. The variety is quite extensive (I would consider, since you can't eat THAT much when it comes to Indian food, else you'll get really bored/"jelak") & you'll get from appetizers to main courses, all the way 'til dessert! The best part is that the buffet costs only RM20.00nett/person! *fuh!* I'm yet to try it!

Anyone interested to join me?
;) (I'm serious here!!)

Note: Photos are taken using the Nokia 5800 Express Music handphone, so bear with the image quality.

Biryani Rice (RM5.90/serving)
[Ruth] Bhasmati rice (Indian rice) cooked in biryani style. It's very fragrant & the texture of the rice is somewhat different from the usual rice we have everyday.

Aloo Gobi Punjab (RM11.50/serving)
Crunchy cauliflower and potatoes cooked dry in spices
[Ruth] I enjoyed this dish. It is quite expensive for just cauliflower & potatoes, but d'Tandoor was very generous (yet not over-powering) with their spices, so I guess that's what you're paying for in this dish...

Promfret Tandoori Sizzler (RM37.90/serving)*
Fresh promfret marinated with herbs & spices first grilled and served in hot plate with special sauce [* price may vary according to size & weight of the fish]
[Ruth] I found the fish somewhat over-cooked/dry. It was crispy to some point that you could eat the fish whole without being afraid of the bones...But Joram did make a logical point: they may want the fish to be dry (texture) so that the fragrance & taste of the sauce would be more evident...hmm...what do you think? I'm too used to the Chinese-style of frying fish :P

Garlic Naan (RM4.50/serving)
Naan topped with finely chopped garlic & coriander leaves
[Ruth] I love the naan here. Yet to try their cheese naan....it's just NOT easy to find delicious naan!

Map to d'Tandoor Restaurant

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Where else can I get good Indian food (Southern or Northern) at affordable prices? Anyone has any idea? I'm currently hooked to Northern Indian cuisine.... *drools*

d'Tandoor Restaurant
7, Jalan SS15/5A
47500 Subang Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: (+603) 5632 2020
Fax: (+603) 5633 0166
Co-owner: Mohd Alauddin (Omar)
Omar's tel: (+6014) 662 3784
Website: Click here
Note: Same row as Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant


Presentation: * * * *
Price: * * *
Environment: * * * 1/2
Taste: * * * 1/2
Service: * * * *


- Ruth


Anonymous February 16, 2010 at 11:17 PM  


TK November 8, 2011 at 11:01 AM  

Food has changed, i guess. I had the chicken beriyani there for lunch last Saturday. It was more like fried rice. It did not look, smell or taste like beriyani.

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