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New Year Party @ EB's

>> Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Date: 1st January 2010, Friday
Venue: EB's place
Occasion: New Year's Day party

What better way than to start the new year with great food & even greater friends! *joy* A group of us gathered at EB's place for a simple dinner. Everyone brought something to be shared & oh, it was really good! (feels & sounds like the church during the time of Acts *smiles*) We discovered many "hidden chefs" & I am surprised that so many of my guy friends can cook so well! *bravo!!*

After a superb meal, we chilled out, caught up with each other, & had several rounds of blasting fun with the "Taboo" game! I was rolling on the floor laughing 'til my stomach hurts....oh, I haven't had such fun for a VERY long time! Too bad I was too engrossed into the games that I didn't pick up the camera for a few shots :P Thank you, my precious friends from PJ Trinity!!! *hugs!!* You all made me feel very much at home with the PJ Trinity friends after a long while of feeling 'foreign' :)

Here are some photos that I managed to take...enjoy!

Len at the grill
(he aspires to be a "bak kua" seller, so this is the beginning of his dream!! *lol)

Vegie Thing-a-Ma-gic!
Hahaha....Chef James doesn't have a name for this dish...it's just basically vegetables & mushrooms topped with cheese :) It's SUPER yummy!! I'm SO gonna try it out myself!

Vegie Thing-a-Ma-gic! in Oven
I find this lovely :) Feels "homey" to see the lil dish baking in a small oven

Walla! Vegie Thing-a-Ma-gic!
*applause!* Dig in!

Len's Grilled Sausages
It was snapped up so quickly! *yums* Pork sausages rocks!

Salmon with Pesto
Very simple dish, but it gave the plain salmon an interesting & different touch :) Bake-away!

Chris' Beef Pie
The pie pastry was slightly too thick at the base, but on the overall, it was delicious :) Best eaten warm :P *chomp chomp*

Len's & Ruth's Charred Grilled Bread
According to Len, the cranky & wonky grill was inconsistent with its heat, so there you go, charred bread *rofl* Oh well, Ruth took over to help poor Len flip the bread pieces to near perfection :P

Pheng's Shepherd's Pie (with corned beef!)
Ooo...this was pretty good! It's something very different from the usual Shepherd's pie with minced chicken or beef + mixed vegetables. The corned beef tasted very much like luncheon meat! (for a luncheon meat lover like yours truly, oh, you'll love this....potatoes+corned beef = happy Ruth!)

Ruth's Salad
I was quite pleased with my salad...hahaha...it's simple & yummy :) *dances around with joy* Thank goodness I didn't bring any meat/carbs dish as we had so many of those! :D

Chef James' Chicken Rolls wrapped with Bacon
This was the bomb! Roasted to perfection....ah, *drools* simply irresistable....*chants: we want more...we want more....*

Penne with Chicken & Mushroom
Simple pasta dish that pleased everyone at the party :)

Chips & drinks!
A party without these is no party man! *woots*

After dinner
Everyone was in a "happy" state after the sumptuous meal. The chilling-out time & just catching up with each other was awesome :)

Eeleeny & Chris
Chris' head looks as if it emits light *lol*

The host & his bruders
Samson, EB, Pheng - they look mafia-ish since they're all wearing black :P

Wii Time!
Some of our friends were glued to the tv & the Wii!

And it was time for the grand finale...
Happy people, ready to dig into "happy" food....

Happy Food 2010!
Super sweet, extremely chocolatey, indescribably smooth chocolate mousse (if I'm not mistaken) made by Esther, co-owner of William's mamak in Taman Mayang Mas, PJ. Apparently Esther loves baking & could bake great cakes & cookies. This was too sweet for a non-sweet tooth like me! Hahaha...but it was goooooood.....

Chris' Banofee Pie
Bananas + Coffee + Caramel in a pie...*fuh* Can go "high"....

Eeleeny's Tiramisu
She took one recipe from the internet & walla! an amazing tiramisu appeared :D *applause* This tiramisu wasn't too bad...sweet-tooth people will lurve it at any time ;)

Looking at photos of all the delicious food made you hungry, eh? Everyone was "high" by the end of the party.... (high in sugar, high in carbs, high in laughter) I miss the party! I want more of it! Told EB that it would be fantastic to gather for such things from time to time :D Oh, what a lovely start to the new year :)

So, how did you usher the new year? How's the new year to you?

- Ruth


goingkookies January 5, 2010 at 6:34 PM  

OOOH. the pics look really good!!

mind helping me to find out how to do the veggie dish?? would love to know how to bake that!!

and ur salad too!1

slurp slurp.. made me half wish i was there to nom nom..


babe_kl January 6, 2010 at 2:56 PM  

happy new year!

Hans January 6, 2010 at 10:03 PM  

I missed all of that??!! crap..POTATO!

PerutBesi January 6, 2010 at 11:41 PM  

->babe_kl: Happy new year to u & Captain Hook too!!! I miss u all la...it's been such a long time since we met! Hope u're doing good!! :D

->Hans: Hey! We missed u too le...I was telling someone that night that u missed it all, especially the potatoes! We had SOOOO much of those! Super-duper yummy some more!!! Next round....we MUST gather again....and the Taboo game was FANTASTIC! U must come the next time!!!

CUMI & CIKI January 7, 2010 at 11:26 AM  

trinity? that's my old church b4 we got married - now hubbys church in kl wesley!

PerutBesi January 7, 2010 at 11:47 PM  

-> CUMI & CIKI: I'm VERY curious here...don't tell me that ur name is U-Mei...cos u really resemble this friend of my family with that name...and she has a sister name U-Lyn. Parents are now with DUMC, if I'm not mistaken. U're not her, are u?? If u are, oh my my, I'm SOOO gonna scream!!!

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